Author Topic: WikiLeaks : After Pokharan blast, IndiraGandhi offered nuclear technology to Pak  (Read 861 times)

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WikiLeaks US cables: After Pokharan blast, Indira Gandhi offered nuclear technology to Pak
Express news service : New Delhi, Wed Apr 10 2013, 16:04 hrs

Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. (IE Archive)

US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks have revealed that late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi offered to share information on nuclear technology with Pakistan.

According to WikiLeaks, as reported in TOI, Gandhi had written to the then Pakistan Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 1974, in the wake of India's first nuclear test in Poharan, offering to share information if proper conditions for trust were created. But he rejected the offer, said the cable.

As per US cables, revealed by WikiLeaks, former Prime Minister Gandhi was quoted as saying, "I have explained in my letter to Prime Minister Bhutto the peaceful nature and the economic purposes of this experiment and have also stated that India is willing to share her nuclear technology with Pakistan in the same way she is willing to share it with other countries, provided proper conditions for understanding and trust are created. I once again repeat this assurance."