Author Topic: Wikileaks cables: Kamal Nath company awarded contract in return of favours  (Read 911 times)

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Wikileaks cables: Kamal Nath company awarded contract in return of favours

Shubhajit Roy : New Delhi, Thu Apr 11 2013, 12:11 hrs

Wikileaks shows in an US embassy cable sent on September 17, 1976, Kamal Nath was described as Sanjay Gandhi's school buddy and chief operator in West Bengal. It also said that Nath sponsored Bengal's power and irrigation minister Ghani Khan Choudhury who was said to have awarded a very large contract to Nath's firm (Nath manufactures power cable)," as replacement for Siddharth Shankar Ray.

The cable talks about power tussle to remove Ray from the position of West Bengal's CM at the be he to Sanjay Gandhi and Kamal Nath. Another cable, sent on November 26, 1976, reveals that Nath had tipped off the US embassy about the appointments in the Youth Congress, before it was made public. "Nath was the first to alert us of the impending ouster of P R Dasmunsi from the presidency of the Youth Congress."

"Nath's professions of friendship for the US are sincere. He studied and worked in the US, goes there frequently and has many American friends..Nath is not someone we would want to be identified with.

He is a bullina china shop, a political novice who if he has his way will destroy the delicate equilibrium within the state Congress party and in relations here between the Congress and the CPI and CPM and set off dangerous turmoil. We tried in our talk with Nath to inject some awareness of these dangers but he was serenely confident of the rightness of the course and Sanjay's ability to controlevents,"the cable said