Author Topic: Fake travel documents and passports for Hamas activities in Lebanon and Egypt  (Read 981 times)

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Hamas has been busy trying to resolve diplomatic crises with Lebanon and Egypt following the discovery of the use of fake passports by Hamas activists.

The crisis in Lebanon came after Hamas activists were discovered using fake diplomatic documents on Lebanese soil. The discovery brought about an acute crisis with Lebanese security authorities and Hizballah, causing freeze of entry permits for Hamas activists in Lebanon.
Hamas leaders have been recently engaged in urgent meetings with Lebanese authorities to settle the crisis. At the same time, Egyptian authorities had recently discovered a wide use of fake Egyptian ID cards by Hamas activists. Such activity poses a risk to Egypt’s security and a slap in the face for pro-Hamas MB governed-Egyptian authorities.

Hamas is deeply concerned by potential difficulties created by Egyptian authorities that will obstruct Hamas activists and Gazans from entering into Egypt, and restrict Hamas activists in other countries