Author Topic: Message written to Forum Admins by Sigurdur Thordarsson before he left WikiLeaks  (Read 4431 times)

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Howard Bourne

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The following message was left at the Forum admin Lounge before his departure. The message hasn't been redacted, however we removed the names of 2 admins he mentioned

""Few things also i want to share

I have always promised every single person, that is volunteering, working, supporting or anythign similar,

that i will never talk about or copy, or post online or spread stuff that you say to me,

I kindly request to every single person here,

That if someone comes to you and calls you and idiot, calls you and asshole or what ever,

That you also keep this promise of never start saying she or he said this this and this, that´s exactly what the person want´s,

I dont know how many things have been published that i am suppose to have said, said or didnt say, online to anyone,

I have been accused of alot of things

Misusing position
Accused of sexual harrasment

And countless of other things.

I never comment on those things, regardless from if i know the truth or not.

Rumors are rumors, that will fade away one day. (i think)

Rumors have been going around that i have a long criminal sheet.

Former volunteers have been stating that.
Former Volunteers have also stated that i have multiple times lied to Julian Assange multiple times, then you gotta ask the questions, if i have lied so many times, do you honestly think i would still be with wikileaks?

Just to allow you to know a bit about my self.

it´s just good for you to know something about me, since im only "Q" to alot of you people.

In January 2010, i got arrested for leaking confidential information about my old employer,
That information i am alledged to have leaked to the media and the prosicution office,

What lead to my arrest was that i spoke to people that i had been giving a local newspaper files, (big mistake)

Also the prosicutor that got the files, he´s name was all over the files,

 In February 2010, i got introduced to Julian by a man named Kristinn, that person is today Wikileaks second public spokesperson,

After that my time at wikileaks started, we started the work on Collatereal Murder.

The police cant find any evidence against me, since all the alleged evidense are in 6 Laptops the police confiscated from me.

those laptops are all encrypted with Twofish, aes256 algorythms.

This only shows a little piece of the cake.
This is only to show you that i know what i am talking about, when i talk about problems that accure here,
People talk badtalking others and stuff.

Today i am pending 96 charges.

I am being investigated for multiple things  and pending prosicution as well in those categories:

Organized Crimes
Tax Frauds
Purchasing Prostitutes

Some people ask my
Why the f*** did i do what i did?

Well, for multiple reasons actually.

I wanted to live an adventureful life.

But not the typical life i lived, working behind a desk or watching tv all day, and getting paid for it

But job was information security, i was suppose to delete files that could harm the corporation i worked for.

the files that i am suppose to have leaked.

Brought a 4 Billion $ company down.

Caused a lawsuit that an old bank is claiming more then 2 Billion $ in damages from the old bank executives

Would i do this thing all over again?
Hell ye....just maby a little diffrent.

this showed me that you learn things afterwards:)

And after some research that me and my lawyers did,

I can proudly say that i am the youngest individual in the world that has ever faced charges in all those categories.

When i was arrested for those things.

I was 17 years old.

With Regards.
[email protected]

Just to make few things clear.

All WikiLeaks domains


.is .de .net .org .com .ch etc....
Are ALL domains registered and owned by WikiLeaks Supporters

Just like this Domain here is owned and registered to a WikiLeaks Supporter.

WikiLeaks has officially stated that this forum is operated by WikiLeaks.

That means WikiLeaks as an Organization will defend what ever goes on, on this forum.

WikiLeaks will defend the domain owner, of this domain and every single domain wikileaks operates but

Maby does not own publicly.

WikiLeaks will defend the moderators and admins on this forum if a legal problem happens,

Just Like WikiLeaks will defend it´s volunteers if to a legal problem accures.

WikiLeaks will defend this forum if the main stream media starts to attack this forum if some words were said that should have been.

We will not blame the fault somebody.

WikiLeaks has been in the court of a law defended supporters that are registered to a domain that is operated by wikileaks, but not owned.

And With full respect to every single admin and moderator here, including XX and XX

Going online and spreading logs that took place or not is just stupidity

Many of our former volunteers and supporters joined WikiLeaks just for personal benefit

Just to be able to gain personal profit or something in similar.

We need to look at the greater picture.

That the work that every single volunteer or a supporter for wikileaks is doing no matter how small it is, is doing a diffreance.

No matter how small the contribution is from a individual.

If it´s a 1 minute every day, just by saying hi to some of the volunteers,supporter or key staff.
Makes a diffrence.

Every single person inside this organization including this forum is making a diffrence.

You might not be helping us going over unpublished files, you might not be releasing the files, or you might not be in the spotlight.

But you are helping wikileaks reach out to the people, hear there thoughts, hear how they think about the organization.

Every single key staff member of wikileaks reads this forum, reads some of the threads that are posted,

Seeing the support that we get keeps us going.

You are representing WikiLeaks to the people.

If you do something wrong it is taken as WikiLeaks is doing something wrong

We will defend that action or acknowledge that a mistake accured

We all make mistakes, we are human.

If any of the moderators and/or admins make mistakes,

The let the forum admin know.

you can simply do that via email [email protected]

i will gurantee you that if you let us know that you made a mistake, we will not do anything about it, except talk to you about how this can be prevented,

If on the other hand you make a mistake and try to cover it, that makes the case more difficault.

Most of the mistakes that i do atleast, are mistakes that i see some of the volunteers do as well, i am informed of the mistake took place, and will explain how to prevent this, how can i possible "punish" someone for a mistake that i have done myself?

Now i have started to go into a whole another matter.

But i hope this text of word can be of some information for you:) ""