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For what I see Bahraini human rights standards are very very low.

There are ongoing protests against the actual government and lots of political activists like Nabeel Rajab but also many others imprisoned and also other persons imprisoned for doing nothing more than expressing themselves.

I remember one year ago the TV showed the F1 ongoinh car races -Bahrain is famous for them- and as there was a peaceful demonstration exactly near the F1 circuit, it made a lot of audience because all the world was watching.

The protest was absolutely peaceful, with men on one side and women and kids on the other side silently showing their disagreement with the whole State's policies.

One year is passed and now there are violent clashes in the country.

Political activists and common citiziens jailed and often harassed.
The TVs here are almost silent on the issue.

There are a lot of interests turning around the money in Bahrain that I'm afraid are contributing keeping this silence on what is going on in the country.


So... I think the F1 circuit, the car races there, are making a lot of audience and there is a lot of money turning around them.
I'm sure this money mainly is in the hands of the powerful élite that is bothering the big % of the population or of their foreign allies.

---> this makes me shape this idea to make ourselves visible in support of the Bahraini innocent population and peaceful protesters: let's boycott the next car races.

May it work?
May this be an idea to create more visibility and attract the attention on the Human Rights problems in Bahrain?
[Asking for comments because I'm not there so I can't imagine all the consequences: discussion on this may be needed]


I think my TV will be OFF for all the Bahraini car races.
I will give NO audience to a State that has so little respect of its citizens; and I hope some big vip will refuse to partecipate or to cooperate there in sign of protest.
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