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There is new information that the forum would like to share concerning the removal of the Syria Files Board and the accompanying "Syria Files" Facebook page as announced here on January 17 of this year:

 As regrettable as that was to do then, we have new information that further solidifies our need to take that course of action. The number of deaths in this conflict have since increased from 60,000 to over 90,000.*

 Also it has been revealed that the Syria Files were hacked by SABU and given to WikiLeaks to publish as posted here:

 Furthermore, Stefania Maurizi who is a WikiLeaks Syria files partner justified the " leaks " by proclaiming that the Syria files had revealed that Finmeccania had been selling radio system to Syria here:

 She had failed to mention that L'Espresso exposed Assad's wife as a shopaholic that purchases exclusive "Bradley Furniture" from the UK.

 In summary we would like to change our former viewpoint of this action from regrettable to being something quite different. We no longer regret taking the action we did and feel fully satisfied that we made the right decision at the time in light of what has transpired since our original action. We certainly forged ahead into the action with much backlash as expected and now we see why it was so necessary to take that risk.

 The Admin Team

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