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The title of this MEDIA-SMEAR written by ex "StjarnaFranfalle" account creator, now named @marthagroup, same person that can run the @wikileaks account and falsely tweeted this forum was spreading malware, seems to hint this Whole Forum, so myself included and all the admin team, is/was a FBI lead forum.

The truth is that ex admin Q, alias Siggi, cooperated with the FBI AND WikiLeaks.
He was introduced to this forum BY WikiLeaks and only after he was gone we all learned he had cooperated with the FBI.

Here's how @marthagroup, who is 99% a wikileaks staffer, mispresents the facts PROFITING of her status of trusted wikileaks supporter to throw discredit on the others shameful way.

This probabily to try to justify the harsh way WL treated the forum creator, thrown it off admin role on WL fb page and more...

Read and value, and let's discuss it if necessary.

My opinion is it's a Real SHAME (with the CAPS) that a wikileaks staffer uses lies to discredit people exaclty the same way the governments exposed by wikileaks have done to eliminate opponents.
It Undermines the whole credibility of WikiLeaks as organization.


Tweet by @marthagroup introducing her "article":

 How the ' ' became an FBI shooting gallery | MME … #WikiLeaks #Assange

Related post produced by herself mainly collectioning the tweets of accounts that continuously provocate the forum by all the means:
"How the WikiLeaks forum became an FBI shooting gallery

by MarthaMitchellGroup - il y a 3 mois (3 months ago)

For approximately four months (@wikileaks_forum)'s security was very likely compromised by the FBI and became nothing other, than yet another - means to spy on the supporters of WikiLeaks.

Sigurdur Thordarson (singi201) on Twitter
The latest from Sigurdur Thordarson (@singi201). Ex-WikiLeaks Volunteer - Q - Consultant. Iceland

From this point onwards 'Siggi' was compromised. During a 4 month period lasting until 2nd September 2011, 'Siggi' had access to the's internal communications between supporters as well as forum users personal login and registration data. Considering the dragnet nature of the FBI's activities against all activist groups, this is a serious breach of the now defunct forum's security.

Announce: WikiLeaks forum
 3:13 AM - 24 May 2011

While 'Siggi' was happy to announce his work as a paid FBI informer, which included handing over 8 WikiLeaks hard-drives and 2,000 pages of chat logs to the FBI; he attempted to deny his role in, where he had access to the private information of 15,000 members. This is because the betrayal of these forum members would not fit comfortably with his chosen rational for his betrayal of WikiLeaks: that he is a "WikiLeaks whistleblower" and not - someone who cynically betrayed WikiLeaks to escape criminal prosecution for a string of illegal activities.

@gerge42 @tomwatson @marthagroup Siggi helped create the Forum at a time when not even #Assange was aware of the FBI Connection; Feb 2011
 9:33 PM - 4 Jul 2013

@wikileaks_forum @tomwatson Yet at the time he already collaborated with FBI. No wonder the forum is biased against JA as his creator was.
 9:43 PM - 4 Jul 2013

@wikileaks_forum @gerge42 The WikiLeaks Forum was created and maintained by WikiLeaks Supporters
 11:05 PM - 4 Jul 2013

@singi201 @gerge42 Siggi, then please explain this message u left on the Forum,17227.msg44265.html#msg44265 …

@singi201 @wikileaks_forum By WL "supporters" such as urself Siggi? With friends like u who needs enemies?
 11:24 PM - 4 Jul 2013

@SandraEckersley @catfitz Siggi is as much a whistleblower as Lamo namely not at all.

This week the Icelandic prosecutor has confirmed that our criminal complaint against FBI informant Sigurdur “Siggi” Thordarson proceeds.
 4:02 AM - 4 Jul 2013

In January 2013 had vigorously denied the discovery of crude spyware embedded within one of the forum's most important posts:

WARNING: Pseudo #WikiLeaks site: Attempts to INFECT visitors with SPYWARE. DO NOT ENTER. #Assange #FreeBrad #Manning
 4:27 AM - 10 Jan 2013

Without an ounce of proof, @marthagroup (ex @StjarnaFranfall) attacked the Forum with this tweet …
 2:25 PM - 4 Jul 2013

#WikiLeaks removed the Forum from supporers page after @StjarnaFranfall ( now @marthagroup ) smear attempt on forum

2:36 PM - 4 Jul 2013

While the spyware discovery was concerning, defence of its integrity was chilling. This 'defence' went far beyond rhetoric (see below) and may indicate whether the private information of 15,000 WikiLeaks supporters, held by the forum, is secure:

@wikileaks_forum Do you make a habit of Tweeting account details of people who register with you: email and IP addys etc? @stjarnafranfall
 5:00 PM - 10 Jan 2013

@wikileaks_forum That's okay @Assanganista it further highlights the problem.
 5:21 PM - 10 Jan 2013

@wikileaks_forum Would you answer my question? Imagine it is quite a critical point to all your users … @stjarnafranfall
 5:28 PM - 10 Jan 2013

@wikileaks_forum So, you doxed personal info of one of your own registered users. Is this a breach of your forum rules? @stjarnafranfall
 6:56 PM - 10 Jan 2013

Recently answered questions about it's association with a known FBI informant and the implications this revelation has to anyone who has ever visited or set up a forum account:

@marthagroup @Nin_99 @singi201 @gerge42 Im not sure. All I know is that Sarah Harrison tried to get me to hand over 15k mail addresses to WL
 1:47 AM - 5 Jul 2013

@wikileaks_forum So, you don't know if the FBI has your member list / info, but whatever - cause Harrison BS BS.. @Nin_99 @singi201 @gerge42
 1:49 AM - 5 Jul 2013

@marthagroup @Nin_99 @gerge42 again, he didnt have access to the database.This is where the infirmation is stored. Maybe u ask him yóurself
12:34 PM - 5 Jul 2013

Source: "


So This person that is also a WikiLeaks staffer and runs @wikileaks too or is in direct connection to it, used the fact that Siggi cooperated with the FBI, Siggi that was introduced to the forum itself by Assange and WikiLeaks and was discovered as cooperator way before the problems with the rest of the forum's staffers started... Now she uses this fact to accuse all the forum of having cooperated with the FBI, wich is a cospiracy theory and a lie, and does it in a position of trusted (by many) wikileaks supporter account.

I have no words to describe how low she has fallen and how BADLY this undermines the WikiLeaks organization's credibility at the light of the real facts that will out, letting WikiLeaks look like a LIAR organizaton that "deletes people and facts" by Orwellian methods.

She has BETRAYED the whole aims of WikiLeaks.
I'm scandalized by this post.
If she pretends to be a journalist, she is not better than all those journalists who demonized Assange or who demonized the political oppositors by mispresenting the facts.
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After Snowden leaked that the NSA was essentially spying on everyone, including countries, it looks really stupid for Martha Group to claim that this forum is some big spying machine. 

    Martha Group contains two of the individuals that tried to harvest the personal email accounts of every member of this forum, in order to solicit donations from members. In that they made themselves the real spies here! 

     When they did not succeed in using this forum for their personal gain (in the guise of promoting WikiLeaks), then they started an aggressive smear campaign on the forum.     

     Martha Group have shown themselves to be as deviant and self serving as any corrupt government or spy agency can be. Their claim that this forum is a spy machine of the FBI is not only fraudulent, but also hypocritical!

     Now they are applying for asylum with every anti US government they can find because they are the only ones that would consider giving them sympathy, and what for? These anti US governments are doing nothing but trying to improve their own very poor human rights images. Those countries could care less about transparency, especially since they themselves have plenty government secrets to hide.
"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage" Anais Nin .. and yet we must arm ourselves with fear


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Yeah you hit the point Riney.

It was wikileaks asking the forum to pass them all the emails of the members (I guess to ask for donations...) without endorsing the forum and without telling anyone before doing.
The forum refused because it's illegal to pass data to other entities without asking for expressed permission to the involved people.

"Martha" supposes the forum has been cooperating with the FBI on the only base of suspect, because some of us are in contact with Siggi...
But sorry, and Assange? Assange has interviewed a Hezbollah and I'm sure he spent time organizing the internet meeting for The World Tomorrow with Mr Nasrallah: can he for this be considered a cooperator of the Hezbollah?
Untill there is a proof, he can't be considered a cooperator of the Hezbollah, of course.

So now to state the forum is a "FBI forum", as I told on twitter too: I want to see the proofs that we are FBI informants!
She must give me the copy of the salary I'm reciving from the FBI! *sarcasm*
Otherways she only posts Cospiracy Theory.

As some justly remarked on twitter: this forum is a open place for definition: it may happen someone from the secret services is here too.
As we don't pass private data to any 3rd part, there is nothing bad.

The NSA leaks even demonstrated that TOR is not 100% secure.

We aren't a military site using military technologies: we can't pretend to avoid eventual controls and we aren't breaking any law.

One person, expert of creating codes, explained me that whatever code using algorithms, sooner or later becomes decryptable when the mechanisms of the algorithm are understood... and they are understandable if you have a megacomputer examining them! So even WikiLeaks could be potentially "read or infiltrated" if a military agency decides to spy on it... Unless WikiLeaks is using the "Nash code" (lol!)
NSA Crypto Leak - unbreakable encryption algorithm that the NSA did not realize

So, really, I find this Martha's post very bad tasty and misleading.