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The article is translated from Polish link to the original post at the end of. : once again in the media world back issue of alleged CIA prisons in Poland. According to the " Washington Post " Poland has received $ 15 million from the U.S. for the opportunity to conduct prison in Stare Kiejkuty . How do you assess these reports ?
John Rulewski , PO senator , an opposition activist in the anti- PRL: In your question contains the accusation that I uphold . The case actually comes back from time to time , which lasts for a long time. This is the truth , we had such feelings after the meeting of the Senate committee for human rights and the rule of law . Then we were promised the imminent completion of the investigation , but still can not see the end of the matter. Investigators claim that the documents are still collected , but he had already started to lawsuits against Poland. It would , therefore , if this investigation is finished.
Why is this important ?
Just because Poland in response to the subsequent claim and subsequent media reports , would be able to formulate a response supported by the findings made during the investigation . Therefore, in this case you need a rush, especially that the investigation is very long .
However, the case is complicated , has many threads. Maybe it takes time ?
But that is not the subject of investigation , and does not apply to Afghanistan or Somalia. Activities are conducted in Poland , not in some distant country. They selected objects , the hosts of these objects , which are listed people issuing decisions , etc. There is no justification for such a long-term investigation. Well, unless someone has that witnesses die , die , the case itself will expire or forget. Then the investigation ceases to make sense.
Maybe it's the case is brass and does not deal with it at ...
The first material in this case also revealed the American press . Then was mentioned that the aircraft landed in Poland U.S. . It was not known at the beginning of anything else, but the message is confirmed . Therefore, I do not want to evaluate recent reports on this. Reach me different signals and messages that indicate that, indeed, the ruling then left, with the support of part of the right-wing parties , tried to buy political support , wanted to authenticate in the eyes of the Americans in exchange for turning a blind eye to it , which could not agree a democratic society . Went to the honors , sometime after Moscow today after the Washington . However, do not draw attention , in the meantime, something has changed - Poland became a constitutional state , belonging to the international community.
Perhaps , however, some considerations and Polish interests meant that it was necessary to cooperate with the U.S.?
Undoubtedly so . Former interests and political pressure from the U.S. . But you have to look around you . This emphasis and interests yet also affected other countries. And it is even more U.S. allies , such as Great Britain or Germany. They are more serious allies of the United States. They have more to offer, but also to lose. Terrorism , which now covers Leszek Miller , was a greater threat to the British or the Dutch than the Poles. I'm talking about the dangers for the soldiers , the economy and the entire state. These countries could suffer much more . This is not so for me the argument . I think that the cooperation with the U.S. left was pushing something else.
SLD wanted something to ponder on this issue for yourself?
SLD wanted to take the place of a trusted partner of the United States in place of elite solidarity . Hence the offer and the decision to kick podeptaniu Polish constitution and international laws .
Leszek Miller , along with other responsible persons should bear the consequences of their actions ?
It is clear to me . However, earlier it would be good to prosecution completed its investigation . We should expect many more information. The case goes back and brings new reports . You should therefore expect further articles and texts. So it is better to cut off the hydra head and complete investigation . I wonder what counts himself Miller ? We know that the thread inquiry is a way of defense . The current situation is a challenge to the Attorney General .