Author Topic: Information: #greekemmy using second account/s [eg. #Bordatella] to harass  (Read 2174 times)

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We have noticed that some twitter accounts are daily spreading misinformation on this forum.

The actions of these cyberbullies consist in harassing @wikileaks_forum members, staffers and followers.
They try to persuade everyone that this Forum is an evil place by tweeting every sort of lie and distortion of the facts with malicious intents.
Between the accounts tweeting defamatory way can find @greekemmy & @Bordatella.

Now the Forum has discovered these two accounts are run by the same person.

The @wikileaks_forum account tweeted a Warning to inform our followers about the current situation:

  The WikiLeaks Forum@wikileaks_forum
 Word of Warning. 1/2.@Bordatella make the mistake of visiting a certain Forum URL and left same IP as @greekemmy after trying to Register.

  The WikiLeaks Forum@wikileaks_forum
 Please read the @Bordatella account to see Emmy Butlins own self confessed obsession about the Forum #wikileaks #wlsup #auspol

  The WikiLeaks Forum@wikileaks_forum
 After being banned from Forum, @Bordatella tried to create a new Forum account: ( see pic ) #wikileaks #wlsup #auspol

The twitter account @Bordatella is registred as "Andromeda Strain" and possibly run by more than one person:

There is another twitter account called @Parapertussis "Andromeda Strain" that is also spreading the same kind of misinformation of @greekemmy and @Bordatella::

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Thanks for the update and keeping us informed about this.

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   Andromeda Strain ‏@Bordatella

@wikileaks_forum @T23Tm23 So what would you call posting screenshots of some poor member's account then? Harassment?Abuse? A Threat?

    I would call it EXPOSURE, of YOU as the person that is pretending not to be the person that tried register on the forum even though you have already been banned as a previous member for being rude and insulting to others. This forum has the right to ban members that can not be decent and respectful to other members.
"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage" Anais Nin .. and yet we must arm ourselves with fear


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that again?

are there really people out there attacking a internet forum all day and have nothing else to do than that?


Im so happy I can enjoy life as it is.

wonderful and interessting and more than "one world" :)