Author Topic: Spanish court confirms intention to extradite Ablyazov’s Security Chief  (Read 1292 times)

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Spanish court confirms intention to extradite Ablyazov’s Security Chief
Sunday, 10.11.2013, 13:23

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Photo ©Рia Novosti
This week the Spanish National Court (SNC) confirmed its decision to extradite Aleksandr Pavlov, the Chief of Security of the former Head of Kazakhstan's BTA bank Mukhtar Ablyazov,Ria Novosti reports.

The Spanish court initially ruled to extradite Pavlov to Kazakhstan based on the country's extradition request in June this year. Pavlov came to Spain in December 2012 and was arrested there. Pavlov’s lawyer lodged an appeal, insisting that Pavlov would face persecution in Kazakhstan because of his connection with Ablyazov, a fugitive Kazakhstan banker accused of embezzling $6 billion.

It took three month for the SNC to vote against the appeal. And this made Pavlov’s extradition to Kazakhstan possible, after the decision is approved by the Spanish government. Pavlov is charged with terrorism and with obtaining a 22.5 million euro loan from BTA bank by fraud. He is known as Ablyazov’s confidant and his Security Chief. 

According to reports, a series of terrorist acts were prevented at the preparation stage on March 24, 2012. The terrorist acts were allegedly organized by Pavlov who was hiding abroad since 2009. 

According to the Kazakhstan General Prosecutor’s Office, Pavlov was the head of Ablyazov’s security since 2005. He also carried out Ablyazov’s confidential orders. 

Besides assisting Ablyazov in the theft of funds from BTA bank, in February 2009, he organized evacuation of Ablyazov’s private archives and hard-drives from the Corporate Business Department computers, and immediately after left for Britain.

In April 2010, a criminal case against Pavlov was initiated. Then in August he was put on the wanted list. 

Pavlov’s former boss, Ablyazov was taken into custody on July 31, 2013 in France. At the moment, the French court is deciding on the extradition of the fugitive Ablyazov. Kazakhstan,Russia and Ukraine are demanding his extradition. While there is no agreement on extradition between Kazakhstan and France, his extradition to Russia is possible. Yet, there are some limitations. Thus, Ablyazov’s extradition to Ukrain is considered the primary option. 

France is not going to decide on Ablyazov's extradition until spring.