Author Topic: ‘Wikilicious’ law professor publishes nude calendar in aid of whistleblowers  (Read 6290 times)

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‘Wikilicious’ law professor publishes nude calendar in aid of whistleblowers  

Published time: November 21, 2013 19:04Get short URL

Roslyn Fuller, qualified barrister.

Assange, Europe, Law, Scandal, Snowden,WikiLeaks  

An Irish legal expert has shot a “political” glamour calendar to draw attention to the work of whistleblowers. The proceeds will help fund WikiLeaks and other activist organizations.
Dr Roslyn Fuller, who specializes in international law, explained why she decided that a selection of provocative photos would do more to help Assange, Manning and others than her direct area of expertise.

“Whistleblowing is not some stuffy, intellectual issue that we can only discuss in the rarefied atmosphere of academia,” Fuller, who has lectured at the National University of Ireland in Maynooth, told RT.

“Selflessly revealing information that benefits all people and uncovers the severe abuses of power that occur in our current system is about as hot as you can get.”
But doesn’t a fun-loving calendar trivialize the ordeals of whistleblowers? 

Chelsea Manning faces 35 years in prison, Julian Assange has spent more than a year living in a room in the Ecuadorean embassy, and NSA leaker Edward Snowden is unlikely to return to his homeland, staying in a secret location in Russia. 

“Trivialization was something I thought about long and hard, and I realize that people may feel differently about this,” says 33-year-old Fuller, who was born in Canada. 

“But I am trying to integrate whistleblowing into mainstream culture because we aren't going to win this battle unless we can get the majority of people behind us.”

The calendar itself juxtaposes political double-entendres, such as “Turning your back is only sexy in photos”, and racy photos with a timeline of whistleblowing landmarks. 

Fuller says that while colleagues have supported her in private, she is “jeopardizing” her legal career, and has been told by several peers that she will “pay a price.”

“Imperilling my career is a very minor sacrifice compared to the things they have done and I only hope that if I were put in a similar position, I would have the nerve to do what they did,” says the lecturer, who has also developed a second career as a media contributor with Huffington Post and Irish newspapers. 

As well as helping whistleblowers out financially, Fuller believes that soon she will meet the people she regards as heroes, even if it is in a prison cell as they await trial.


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With my best respect for who had this idea, I don't think this will make good publicity to whistleblowers:

1) because one doesn't need to see a** and bobs to support and donate to whistlblowers

2) where is "mr muscle" photo for the women... in case...

3) the whole MiddleEast will reject this idea as lack of respect for the women

4) ... not the MiddleEast only


... why not cat & dogs & funny stuff at this point?

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“Selflessly revealing information that benefits all people and uncovers the severe abuses of power that occur in our current system is about as hot as you can get.”

 Well, I guess what could be said is there is of course plenty of people out there that think the subversive behavior of leaking secrets is sexually charging. It is certainly ego driven in some cases. At least with some hackers there is an ego driven conquest to out smart the smarties and such.

 I was not impressed by the pictures myself because they are not my kind of beauty. But we have all heard that sex sells and if whistle blowers need the donations, then this would be yet another avenue to collect funds.
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I seriously dislike "selling bodie's images" to earn money in general. Merchandising of the body... I don't find it a respectful way of earning money. In this case I think this may seriously damage the whistleblowers image too.

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We've only tweeted this thread 3 times and it's got 717 views so far. Why...make a guess :P
No matter how intelligent and ethical the topic being debated is (whistleblowing, in this case, quite a big question of modern society) and how intelligent and advanced the target audience of the debate is...a nude woman still sells better than anything else, always has and probably always will.
I would guess that a pin up calendar will make more profits than any of Assange's calls for donation have in the last year. People may lose interest in intellectual debate at some point and to some extent - which has happened, I would argue - but never in pin up girls :P
However, while probably beneficial on the financial side, I doubt it will do the image of the whistleblowing debate any good. As for herself, I don't have much of a problem with her choosing to sell her body like that, although she'll probably have a hard time being taken seriously by any male students in the future (she's a professor, isn't she?). That's all her own personal issue. But it just makes the subject of whistleblowing look like a joke. Her argument is that it has to be made more mainstream - I understand that argument, but it's difficult to make the discussion more mainstream while preserving its seriousness, and I'm afraid she failed at that.
Are we having a serious debate about whistleblowing and transparency as parts of our society, or is it an excuse to look at * while appearing respectable?
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For me it looks cheap, but at least someone was creative enough for something like this :)


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where can I buy it?

pm pls.



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Hahaha funny it sounds like "let's buy the Pirelli calendar 2014" XD XD
Yes creative is for sure...

So... I want the Mr Muscle calendar too  now ;-)


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LOL! omg...