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Thanks, next book published April 2011.

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Fred, that seems reasonable to me. While I don't have any first hand
knowledge, I agree with the author that his premise has validity. It ties
in, post facto, with some of our more current sophisticated technology
both in aviation and radar.
Hope all is going well with you. How is your book coming? RMM

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Subject: [CT] (not completely crazy)- The Truth Behind UFO Sightings
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The Truth Behind UFO Sightings and the U.S. Air Force
'Mirage Men' author Mark Pilkington discusses how the military used UFO
stories to keep aircraft projects secret

By Alex Kingsbury

Posted: September 16, 2010

Are UFOs a mirage, conjured up by the Air Force to obscure classified
flight projects? In part, argues Mark Pilkington, a British journalist
and filmmaker who writes about society's oddities. In Mirage Men: An
Adventure into Paranoia, Espionage, Psychological Warfare, and UFOs, he
makes a persuasive case that much UFO-logy canon was started or
encouraged by the government trying to conceal Cold War military
projects. He recently chatted with U.S. News about the origins and
effects of UFO mythology around the world. Excerpts:
Click here to find out more!

How has the UFO story been shaped by the government?

These ideas do generate themselves to some extent, but there is evidence
that they were specifically shaped in some instances. I don't think this
is some long-running grand conspiracy, I just think that the UFO story
has been deployed and used at times when it was convenient. Just about
everything that is popularly believed about UFOs has been exploited,
shaped, and, at times, generated by people working for the U.S. Air
Force and the intelligence community. The idea that UFOs crashed on U.S.
soil, that the U.S. government was harboring and hiding UFO technology,
that it was denying its citizens the right to know that aliens have come
here and visited-all these things have been deliberately seeded into the

Why would the government "seed" these ideas?

UFO stories are used as a cover story for the flight-testing of
experimental and clandestine aircraft. If you look at the places where
UFO sightings are frequent, they are also the places where the military
tests its experimental aircraft. For the first few years that UFOs
circulated in popular culture after World War II, the public didn't talk
about UFOs as being alien. Rather, they were talked about as advanced
U.S. or Russian aircraft.

How long has this been going on?

Much of it dates to the first flights of the U2 spy plane back in the
1950s. The CIA's in-house journal had a story about 10 years ago that
said that one of the functions of Project Blue Book [the official Air
Force investigation into UFOs] was to monitor how visible the U2 was to
people on the ground. Someone would see what they thought was a UFO and
then the Air Force would send someone around to talk with them. Of
course, the Air Force would have a schedule of the U2 flights and be
able to tell if what the person saw was indeed a U2. By talking to all
these supposed UFO witnesses, the CIA could assess how visible the U2

Were the Soviets a target for this?

There are other, more subtle motivations from the U.S. side. One is the
idea of a super weapon. If unfriendly nations believe that you harbor
alien technology that you have integrated into your own weapons systems
and aircraft, then they have good reason to be afraid.

What happened in 1952 over Washington, D.C.?

The first incident took place early one morning in July. It was reported
extensively in the newspapers that a number of unknown objects appeared
on radar screens around Washington. Now, it looks very plausible to me
that the Washington incident was a demonstration of a technology from
the Defense Department, known as Project Palladium, which allowed the
operator to project radar blips onto other radar screens. Later on, the
technology became very sophisticated to the point where you could change
the shape of the blip and its speed and so forth. We go on in the book
at length about the evidence that suggests that the Washington radar
incident was a planned operation.

Do UFO fanatics know it may be they're duped?

Certainly. I'm not the first person to tell them this. UFO lore has
transcended to what has become a religious matter for many of those
involved. We talk to a man called Bill Moore, who in the 1980s was one
of the most respected people in the UFO community. He was co-opted by
Air Force intelligence to act as a mole passing information to the Air
Force about what people were researching and to pass disinformation back
into the UFO community. When he came clean about all this at a UFO
convention in 1989, people ran out crying into the hallways. But what
happened to the larger UFO lore? Nothing.

Is this a worldwide phenomenon?

The UFO story is a global one, but I think it has its origins in
American culture. Not long ago there was a major UFO wave in Iran. Not
surprisingly, all the UFO incidents happened near the country's known
nuclear sites. Initially it was odd lights in the sky, then over a few
days, the stories started getting more dramatic. They were describing
small robots hovering in the skies. I read an interesting article
recently that described the impact of the drone use over Pakistan and
Afghanistan. The villagers describe the drones as being spiritual beings
with a life of their own that live in bedrooms in space and come to feed
on women and children. It is fascinating to watch, because I feel like
I've seen it all before. It will be different for every nation, as they
develop. Perhaps every nation will get the aliens it deserves.

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