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Dear God, I thank Anonymous for this
« on: February 12, 2014, 05:13:32 AM »
As we can see, all hacking is not wrong. I believe that in some extreme cases, it is absolutely necessary.
My rant is located below the article. I just wanted to share.

‘Anonymous’ hackers deface Mississippi-based white pride website with anti-fascist message

‘Anonymous’ hackers deface Mississippi-based white pride website with anti-fascist message
By Eric W. Dolan
Friday, January 3, 2014 12:23 EST

The official website of the Nationalist Movement, a white supremacist organization based in Mississippi, was defaced by “Anonymous” hackers on Friday afternoon.

The home page of the website,, was replaced with a message condemning fascism and white power groups. The rest of the website appeared to be functioning normally.

“Greetings, fellow Anons and Citizens of the world. It has come to our attention that Fascists and white power groups across the world are causing the spread of hate and ignorance,” the message read. “A spectre is haunting the Earth, the spectre of Facism [sic].

“For long, we have seen the damage caused by the ideology of white supremacy. We have seen, and participated in, many decades of resistance to white supremacy. We, and others, will never stop fighting fascism and racism wherever it rears its head.”

The Nationalist Movement has held multiple marches on Martin Luther King Jr. Day throughout the years to protest the federal holiday honoring the slain civil rights leader.

The group won a legal battle in 1992 when the Supreme Court ruled local governments could not impose fees to prevent them from holding demonstrations on public property.


     There was a time in my younger life, when I wished I could learn to hack. I dreamt of all the things I could change with my knowledge, however small those changes were. If I could just knock out some ignorance, send an anonymous message, without trace. I even turned to music to accomplish this, and gladly blended in with all the other mad folks. It was a fun, memorable experience.

     Had I learned to hack, and I did have the opportunity in the very late eighties, being a quiet minded, yet serious minded individual I was (and still am to the extent my age allows me now), I would have been more satisfied I know. The last think I would be is a blasphemer, to anyone. I knew their rights very well. I was to learn my own, or earn them through their pig pool of baggage picked up on the way to their grand happiness, which they obviously did not have.

     Over time, I learned to respect and bow down to authority in any form, whether it was the boss at work who took too long for lunch and I went hungry, or the guy who was bigger than me in the grocery check out. Had I told the rude guy off, then I would have been the trouble maker, right? He sure had the freedom of speech to tell me I had too much stuff. I apologize and he takes even that the wrong way. What's a girl to do?  Yeah, I learned how to bow down to so much stuff that I had to accept almost anything anyone said to me or there was some subtle trap set for me to be dubbed a trouble maker. Quiet girl. Quiet.

    But then I knew God says vengeance is his.  And then I started to question exactly what VENGEANCE amounts to when VENGEANCE seemed to already be the dominant culprit in some people's intentions. What did I do to deserve it?  I just couldn't set someone straight at the risk of compromising my job, security and what had become my self image relying so much on their approval. And sometimes, their approval meant beating myself out of even my own health, safety and eventually security. I started to realize that all this was being commanded down by a bigger head at the top and an even bigger urgency above that. I accepted with grace. And then, there was a big cloud of unresolved issues, quietly floating around in my head at night. Why did I have to accept what they wanted me to be to survive. It's just a job. Noone really complained about my attitude, but the only way I could that seemingly good attitude, is to keep reassessing myself the way they wanted me to so they could move on and what for? So they can be unhappy?? It was a mere existence, not a life.

     I never became a hacker in the 90's when computers were flourishing. I married, had a baby and life was grand until I went back to work and found the world had gone nuts in ten short years. Noone reasoned anymore, their phones did it for them. Compartmentalizing anything in life was an APP in their brains, just like their phones. Noone thought about what they were saying. You just do it and there is no thought about what it takes. I was the energy gun huh?

     There was always the truth. The truth about myself in a world guided by pools of aged evil that had spilled down over the years. Time to get some * straight.

      Racism had gotten worse during the years I was being a mom. In 2003, while helping out with a forum on the Scott Peterson case, I ran in to so many online White Supremacist sites filled with hate, I wished I were black just to not be the same color as the guys who were raising these websites. I ran in to these sites on line while scouring links that were posted by some other armchair theorists studying the case. That is when I wished I had learned hacking. Oh, that desire came back real quick when I saw these hateful websites. They scared me.

      I wondered how someone coming from the great melting pot of America themselves could cast such hate on someone of a different color or race.  I would certainly be the last one to hate someone for his color or race given my multi assortment of mixes in my blood, to include French, German, Spanish and Italian. Long family story. I thought then, upon seeing these white supremacist websites in 2003, if I had become a hacker,  these websites be the first to go. Boom. Just like that.

       When I saw the above article where Anonymous took enough CARE to not destroy the entire website, I was greatful. I was more greatful their message included this statement: "Fascists and white power groups across the world are causing the spread of hate and ignorance".

       I was elated when I ran across this article today, my day off this week, while scouring the net. It was like I felt that just a little bit of hate in this world was abolished just by what the Anon hackers did with this website. Brilliant. Thank you Anonymous.  Thank you. If you ever have a day in your life when you wonder about the wrongs you may have done, always recall this special little operation as your master for achieving good. I think you did amazingly right by this one.
GOD FORBID THE LIGHTS GO OUT and a zillion brains have to be retrained to function in manual reality.

Does anyone else get the idea that the tweets on the WL account are starting to sound a little like someone is bathing in a bird bath, eating bird food & possibly smoking bird * in his own sphere??