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PLEA FOR HELP - Please help us save this Dogs Life
« on: February 26, 2014, 22:34:01 PM »
We received this message from one of our partners who is currently trying to save the life of an injured dog which he found in a park.

We are trying to help him save the life the life on this dog " Luna " who requires an operation and monthly care which is costly.

Here is the orgiginal message we received. The Forum has already donated $100 which will cover the operation costs so we hope this call for action will generate more donations, no matter how much, in order to save Lunas life

Here is the orginal message we received:

"Help Luna!
« on: February 25, 2014, 06:44:08 AM »
Hello everyone,

I'm sorry for using this website for this, but I really want to help this little dog. It's a female with 8-12 months (approx). It's really sweet and lovely. I found her last night when I was playing with my dog in the park. She needs a new home, and meanwhile I was able to found a foundation where she is going to be until we can found a new home for her.
What does she needs?
I'll have to pay an operation and vaccination ($100) and then I'll paying around $50 (monthly) to the foundation, and besides that all she needs is food. All I'm asking is any amount that you can give to her. If you are interested please PM me, I can get you the account of the foundation if you prefer to do it in that way. I can send receipts and photos from all of this.

What do you get?
You'll know that far away from your home you've changed the life of a lovely dog, which is going to be grateful for her entire life. Besides that if you pay him an entire month in the foundation I'll upgrade all the products you've to the copyright free version.
Current Donators:
Thanks a lot to the following organizations/persons for their help with Luna!
Wikileaks Forum
Please excuse me if this is not of your interest, but I think this dog deserves a better life "

If you want to throw a few $ of your hard earned cash to save a Dogs life then you can do so here:

DONATE $ 50 PER CREDIT CARD --->   2CO: to Keep this dog alive for ONE month

DONATE VIA PAY PAL: ---->  [email protected]

By the way, this is Luna ( look below )