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There were many articles in srilankan newspapers about the employment of ‘ Foreign Medical Graduates’in Sri Lanka .
Country needs more and more Doctors. It is not only Doctors,  we need more and more people to join the ‘work force’ in order to develop the country fast. Now that the War against Terrorism has ended and with many resources that are available in Sri Lanka we must develop the country, more than most of the other countries in the World.
In Middle East countries they are utilizing oil as their one and only resource which is a powerful income earner, where as in Sri Lanka there are so many resources (including bottled water) which can be sold to other parts of the World.
Coming back to the subject, the Medical Council must seriously consider the problem of shortage of Doctors in various parts of our country. ratio between doctors and the population is 1 to 2000 in Sri Lanka while in developed countries such as Britain it was 1 to 400, the US 1 to 450.even in India also with out problem it seems.
We have sent letters to Hon.Minister of Health and His Excellency the President explaining the situation and requesting them to give a reasonable solution to this problem. We have spent millions of Rupees to educate abroad. Although they had pass marks to enter the Universities in Sri Lanka, they were left out due to the reason that there wasn't sufficient 'space' for them.
We knew about overseas universities are maintaining a high standard of teaching in these Institutions.The rules and regulations are very they can't pass those exams easily.
Many years these students have to study hard in a situation where there are language problems, expenses problem, washing, cooking, health conditions, facing severe snow, cold and undergo various other hardships. The students in Sri Lanka do not have to face all these difficulties when studying for their Medical or any other Degree.
The practical experience obtained by most of the Foreign Medical Graduates is at a higher level due to the reason that they have handled latest medical equipments in those foreign Hospitals. 
These students have studied in Universities approved by the Sri Lanka Medical Council. Their Degrees are also recognized by the Medical Council and we are unable to understand why they treat differently to ‘Foreign Graduates’ compared to Local Graduates.
There are other areas that need to be seriously considered...

•   What we need to consider here is that foreign graduates are Graduates from a foreign University. Foreign Graduates NEED NOT sit for another Examination equivalent to local students because they already have a Degree, whereas the ‘ local FINAL YEAR students’ do not have a Degree until they pass ‘this’ particular Examination.

If required, what is needed for foreign Graduates is a simple conversion test.

•   The same Examination is held for both parties, but why the percentage of pass marks are different for ‘local Final Year Students’ and ‘foreign Graduates’. [27% against 50%]

•   How many local students have ‘failed’ this Examination. We understand that there aren’t any,  unless there is a very weak student among them.What is the reason for this? The pass marks are very low like 27% (compared to 50% for foreign Graduates).  Why the pass marks are so low? Is it because majority of them are weak, or is it because doors are open for all those ‘local students’ to pass the Examination despite their educational standard.

•   Compared to the number who pass the ERPM Examination, how many are from ‘local Universities’ and how many are ‘foreign Graduates’?

•   The other important point is that the Questions are not ‘clear’. To understand this point you need to compare the Australian Medical Council Examination (AMC) papers (go on line). Why the Examination structure cannot be changed such as in Australia?

•   We have noticed that the Foreign Medical Graduates who sat for AMC (Australian Medical Council) and PLAB  Examination have passed these Examinations even though they ‘failed’ the ERPM. What is the reason behind this?

•   Now we have seen in  Medical council website that the applications have called for August ERPM Examination, where as the results of April Examination have still not been published by Medical Council.

Sri Lanka Medical Council needs to see that the Sri Lanka Government has not spent money for the education of these foreign Graduates while they were studying abroad. There was no burden to the Government for their education.
Therefore Medical Council must seriously approach this problem in such a way to find a workable solution and  see how they can utilize these young Doctors in a more advantageous manner to the country and for the benefit of all Sri Lankans rather than becoming ‘tough’ for these young Sri Lankans.
The occasional reasons given by the Medical Council are baseless and why these explanations are not valid or applicable to local graduates?
The present government is trying to solve most of the problems of our people in order to uplift their living standards whereas the Medical Council is trying to ‘pull the leg’ of these youngsters and ruin their lives.
every foreign graduates have one hope.....................

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