Author Topic: NSA Apologist Peter King calls Greenwald Pulitzer a 'Disgrace'  (Read 1068 times)

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NSA Apologist Peter King calls Greenwald Pulitzer a 'Disgrace'

Sarah Gray

Today it was announced that the Guardian and Washington Post were being awarded a Pulitzer Prize for the reporting on NSA mass surveillance done by Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Barton Gellman. Shortly after, NSA apologist Peter King, R-N.Y., took to Twitter to voice his displeasure:


Rep. Pete King        ✔  @RepPeteKing 
Awarding the Pulitzer to Snowden  enablers is a disgrace

2:23 PM - 14 Apr 2014

King is no stranger to outbursts regarding journalist Glenn Greenwald and “his accomplice” NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden. King has even called for “legal action” against Greenwald for what he had revealed and what he could reveal in the future. “No right is absolute,” King told Fox News. “And even the press has certain restrictions.”

Pulitzer Prize-winning Snowden “enablers,” as King calls these journalists, are not the only media who have been the target of the congressman’s rants. After a New York Times Op-Ed that called for clemency for Snowden, King notoriously called the paper a “blame America first rag” and said “they go out of their way to be apologists for terrorists.” The clip can be viewed below:


Republican congressman calls for prosecution of Glenn Greenwald
GOD FORBID THE LIGHTS GO OUT and a zillion brains have to be retrained to function in manual reality.

Does anyone else get the idea that the tweets on the WL account are starting to sound a little like someone is bathing in a bird bath, eating bird food & possibly smoking bird * in his own sphere??