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Hacker Group Lashes Out Against Informant
« on: May 25, 2014, 19:28:02 PM »
Hacker Group Lashes Out Against Informant

MAY 24, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO — While Hector Xavier Monsegur awaited sentencing for charges that could bring him a lengthy prison term, his former partners in the hacker collective Anonymous and the group’s sympathizers expressed their feelings online.

On Twitter, where Mr. Monsegur first gained notoriety as a hacker and later as a federal informant, many denounced him as a “traitor” and a “snitch.” Some posted T-shirts featuring a caricature of Mr. Monsegur as Tweety Bird, the cartoon canary, and asked that hackers warn one another about Mr. Monsegur’s whereabouts. Some linked to websites containing Mr. Monsegur’s Social Security number, the names of his family members and his previous address.

Mr. Monsegur’s sentence, which was initially expected last year, has been repeatedly delayed, without explanation. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday in Federal District Court in Manhattan on hacking conspiracy and other charges. Prosecutors have asked the judge for leniency because of Mr. Monsegur’s “extraordinary cooperation” that they said has allowed the authorities to disrupt at least 300 cyberattacks on high-profile and international targets.
According to a memorandum submitted to the judge late Friday, Mr. Monsegur has been repeatedly approached and threatened over cooperating with the government. Concerned about his safety, the memo said, the government relocated Mr. Monsegur and his family.

As this latest sentencing date neared, many people online resurrected the slogan “Free Hammond,” referring to Jeremy Hammond, one of several hackers whom the authorities indicted through Mr. Monsegur’s cooperation. He is serving a 10-year prison sentence.

Mr. Monsegur’s information led to charges against several hackers, and all but one pleaded guilty. Many hackers and security researchers have accused Mr. Monsegur of entrapment. Some posted archived Twitter messages between Mr. Monsegur, whose online alias was “Sabu,” and others whom they claimed he baited into discussions about hacking domestic and foreign targets.

Among those who have accused Mr. Monsegur of entrapment is Jacob Appelbaum, the privacy activist and onetime WikiLeaks volunteer. “He would encourage me to do criminal things with him — which I always refused,” Mr. Appelbaum said Saturday in a message posted on Twitter.

Members of the group Anonymous posted an image featuring Mr. Monsegur and the judge overseeing his case, Judge Loretta A. Preska, in tutus with the words, “Back in the U.S.S.R. Democracy’s enemies are disguised as Bolshoi Dancers.”

“We will not forgive and we will not forget until every Anon is free,” the Anonymous post read.