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Fifa Files:doc 34- Liberia - George Weah & Eugene Nagbe
« on: June 03, 2014, 00:04:55 AM »
Follow-Up To The Conversation With George Weah & Eugene Nagbe

From:Eugene Nagbe

To:Najeeb Chirakal

Cc:George Weah

Sent:January 25, 2010 9:20:50 PM

Mr. President:

I really was a pleasure speaking with you earlier today through Mr. Weah. Since we last me in Doha a couple of years ago, I was pleased to have spoken to you again.

Regarding the matter you discussed with Weah, please be assured that all of us, mostly Mr. Weah, hold you in a very very, high esteem and will remain loyal to you because of all youi have done for the development of football in the world. George has repeatedly spoken of his support for our future plans in world football and we all look forward to your ascendency.

On the issue with the Liberia FA, we will do what we have to do to support the candidate. Mr. President, the FA elections has been so much politicized that various political factions and parties support and candidate. The issue with the incumbent is that the other leading candidate has launched a very high profile campaign which has put her on the back foot and her campaign is suffering. With George's influence, we will have to work very fast as the elections is less than a couple of months away.

I spoke to George further today and informed him that we will need to inject additional cash into the lady's campaign if we are to make the impact we need to make. Conservatively, an amount of about USD 50,000 will be needed additionally to lock the election down because Izetta was really trailing behind the candidate which is being supported by the political party of the government.

George will also have to fly to Liberia at least twice before the elections.

Please be assured Mr. President, that this is just a step in the bigger scheme of things to come. George have lined up most of the other former stars and the federations in Africa and South America so that when we are ready, your victory

will be assured.

I suggest that since George is in Doha with you, both of you conclude on this so that we can start moving right away

as time is not on our side.

Look forward to seeing you again