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Re: Request for gifts for African guests - list and packing

From:Amelia Gan

To:Hicham El Amrani

Cc:Norhashimah Haji Sutan

Sent:October 6, 2008 8:32:29 AM

Hi Hicham ,

I think we have some bag to spare . No worries please check with Shima for the 


Amelia Gan

Asian Football Confederation

Tel : 603- Fax :603-

E-Mail:[email protected]

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Hicham El Amrani

10/05/2008 03:20 PM

To Amelia Gan

cc Lorna Leong

Subject Request for gifts for African guests - list and packing

Dear Amelia,

In view of the upcoming visit of the African guests in KL from October 14 to 

20, i would like to request your permission to provide me with a set of gifts

for them. Instead of giving them the gifts at AFC House like last time, i would 

like this time to pack it and provide it in their room, it will look more 

professional and organised and it will help me gain some time too.

I dont know if you have enough Nike bags left or not, but i would appreciate if 

you could confirm whatever can be offered to them, since the President is keen 

to give them something.

FYI, there are 39 guest this time, so counting 40 pax would be good.

Looking forward to your prompt feedback.


Hicham El amrani

Marketing Manager

Asian Football Confederation

Tel : +603 ext. 

Mobile: +601 

Email: [email protected]