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Fifa Files : Sri Lanka : A Ballot Paper
« on: June 09, 2014, 20:41:11 PM »
From: Manilal Fernando

To: Najeeb Chirakal

Sent: May 12, 2009 6:02:07 PM

Mr. Najeeb - Pls forward this URGENTLY to Mr. Hammam.

Thank you.


Dear Mohamed,

I returned home on the 10th instant, from Singapore and was contemplating

as to what happened.

I must say that you were excellent at the Congress. Hundred times ahead

of Sepp Blatter in your conduct, behaviour, Gentlemanliness and displayed

outstanding patience etc. I am happy that in a small way myself and my

team from Sri Lanka stood with you and was able to help you in achieving

your goals. At the end of an Electiion many people will claim that they

voted for you, but I am only 100% sure of the following:

1. Sri Lanka

2. India

3. Bangladesh

4. Nepal

5. Afghanistan

6. Pakistan

7. Uzbekistan

8. Iran

I am sure of Pakistan and Afghanistan because I sent a Mobile Phone and

both photographed the ballot paper inside the booth and showed it to me.

With Bhutan and Tajikistan I am not sure. With Maldives, Kyrgyzstan and

Turkmenistan, I am sure they voted against us. From Asean I am sure that

Singapore and Myanmar voted against us. Australia, Indonesia, Philippines

and Thialand I am sure voted for us. The others I do not know.

In your region West, I feel you got "Eight" China and North Korea also I

am sure, the others I do not know.

Please request Alex Soosai to send me a copy of the Draft Minutes of

Congress before it is sent to the "Scrutineers" for correction and I

would also like to have a complete Video of the Congress un-edited.

Anyway, what should we do next? we have to be decisive , transparent and

swift in making changes. I will discuss this part with you, when I meet

you next.

Some Suggestions:

A. We must confirm the appointment of Gen. Sec AFC - Retire Paul

B. Some AFC Staff will have to go

C. You have to have a strong Head of Media

D. We must make great changes in the Committees and re-shuffle them

E. Give more Aid to Developing Countries

F. Finalise the WSG Contract on an Urgent basis - headed by you a

strong committee to monitor it

G Re-think the money being invested in Champions League

H. Make it clear to FIFA, UFA not to interfear with us ever again.

With kind regards.


Manilal Fernando


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