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FIFA : rules of conduct : ethical behaviour - gifts
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Bid Registration regarding the submission  of bids for the right to host and stage the 2018 FIFA World Cup or the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Chapter 11 on the Rules of Conduct :

Rules of conduct 

General principles 

It is essential to the integrity, image and reputation of the FIFA and the Competitions that the conduct of the Member Association and the Bid Committee during their Bid preparations complies with the highest standards of ethical behaviour. The Member Association therefore expressly agrees to be bound by, and to comply with the FIFA Code of Ethics in its applicable form and the provisions, procedures, terms, rules and requirements outlined in this Bid registration.

Additionally, the Member Association and the Bid Committee (once established) shall sign and provide to FIFA the declaration with the rules of conduct as set out in this clause 11, as attached to the Bid Registration  as Annexe 7  by the following  deadlines at the latest : 

Member Association :  16 March 2009
Bid Commitee :          18 September 2009

Ethical behaviour

 The member association and the bid committee shall conduct  any activities in relation to the bidding process in accordance with basic  ethical principles such as integrity, responsibility, trustworthiness and  fairness. The member association and the bid committee shall refrain from  attempting to influence members of the Fifa executive committee or any other  Fifa officials, in particular by offering benefits for specific behaviour.


The member association and the bid committee shall refrain, and shall  ensure that each entity or individual associated or affiliated with it shall  refrain, from providing to Fifa or to any representative of Fifa, to any  member of the Fifa executive committee, the Fifa inspection group, Fifa  consultants, or any of their respective relatives, companions, guests or  nominees:

 i) any monetary gifts;

 ii) any kind of personal advantage that could give even the impression of  exerting influence, or conflict of interest, either directly or indirectly,  in connection with the bidding process, such as at the beginning of a  collaboration, whether with private persons, a company or any authorities,  except for occasional gifts that are generally regarded as having symbolic  or incidental value and that exclude any influence on a decision in relation  to the bidding process;

 iii) any benefit, opportunity, promise, remuneration or service to any of  such individuals, in connection with the bidding process.

 Unfair collaboration The member association agrees to refrain from  collaborating or colluding with any other member association or any other  third party with a view to unfairly influencing the outcome of the bidding  process. "