Author Topic: VIOLATING THE COMPANIES ACT 1965  (Read 2630 times)

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« on: June 18, 2014, 08:31:37 AM »
Director General of Human Resources Ministry, Datuk Dr. Pang Chau Leong is telling BLATANT LIES to the Member Of Parliament, YB Dr. Ong Kian Ming. Wondering whether Dr. Pang knows how to write Letter Of Approval?

It is legally not right to address the Letter Of Approval to a non-incorporated company, Despark Auto (Penang) Sdn. Bhd. at that point of time. 

The Registrar Of Companies indicted Despark Auto (Penang) Sdn. Bhd. for having used the business name, Despark Auto (Penang) Sdn. Bhd. before incorporation under Section 367(1) of the Companies Act 1965.