Author Topic: ISIS Imprisons Men,Threatens to Behead them for Shaving Beard #Beardocracy  (Read 1138 times)

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Mosul: Isis Imprisons Men for 3 Months, Threatens to Behead them for Shaving Beard

By Johnlee Varghese
May 15, 2015 14:54 IST

The Islamic State (Isis) militants reportedly had imprisoned several men in the Iraqi city of Mosul for over three months for shaving off their beard. They were later released with a warning that they would face beheading, if they tried the same again.

Mosul Eye, an Iraqi media activist group based in Mosul, reported that "[Isis] arrested a group of young men for taking off their beards, and locked them in jail for three months, and in case they repeat this offence, [Isis] will rule for beheading them." It, however, did not reveal the number of people Isis had imprisoned in connection with this.

Last month, the Islamic State in Iraq had released a local circular in Mosul, forbidding men from shaving off their beards. It stated that in Islam, it is haram (forbidden) to shave off facial hair.

The Isis decree made it mandatory for men to grow beard. According to Mosul Eye, the jihadist group has been "persistantly harassing" those who disobey the rule and punishing them.

Isis, in its circular, had stated that the beard is "obligatory for every Muslim, so that they will not resemble the kuffaar (non-believers)."

The Islamic State, which claims to follow the purest form of Sharia, have taken up primitive punishment practises such as beheading, stoning, crucifixions, and amputations.

The Sunni militant group has also come down severely on all forms of entertainment, calling a ban on music and dancing. The radical Islamist group imprisoned several young men in Syria last month for wearing skinny jeans. They stated that jeans was an unIslamic outfit.

Similarly, in Raqqa, it banned youngsters from wearing Nike products, claiming the name of the brand had a sexual innuendo in Arabic. After banning Muslims from using clothing, footwear, and accessories made by the American company, the group warned that those breaking the rule will be punished with public lashing, imprisonment, and fine.