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#Ecuador : It is forbidden to keep quiet !
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It is forbidden to keep quiet !

In recent weeks, three events occurred which are incontrovertible evidence of the ruling desire to control thought and have citizens devoid of any critical judgement, regardless of the nature of the subject.

Weeks ago, the former Minister of Economy, Mauricio Pozo, was a guest on "Political Pulse", the seized TC television channel. The official, who is also a renowned analyst, questioned the Monetary and Financial Code, especially regarding the Regulatory Board which will have an enormous power overthe monitoring of banks' asset liquidity , without any legal accountability, because the Code is shielding it from any blame.

On that occasion, despite disagreements with the Economic Policy Minister Patricio Rivera, and with Diego Martinez, chairman of the Central Bank, whois obviously defending the official project, Pozo was "useful" for the purposes of the Government which has imposed, via an order of the SECOM, that the program be retransmitted on private television and radio stations.

Those who watched the show were able to appreciate how the four guests presented their arguments (also present was Alfredo Vergara, the Bank's ex-superintendent). The debate was up front and conceptual.

Pozo, the economist, continued its analysis on the Monetary Code on different media. But the government fined a radio station with accusations of disinformation.

Intolerance has no limits. When they needed him to promote the code so it could be sent to the Assembly as an urgent economic project, he was valuable; but later, because his judgement, he was discredited and abused publicly.

In a statement, the Board of Adjustment and Development of Information and Communication (Cordicom) expressed "concern" that the news media have referred to possible "risks in the Ecuadorian financial system stability "if the National Assembly approves the Monetary and Financial Code. The Cordicom urged the press to "practice ethical views to prevent unjustified social fears, to strengthen the free circulation of ideas, to contribute to the consolidation of democracy and honour the fundamental right of all people to receive quality information." Fundamedios spoke of an attempt to intimidate the press. "They are saying that we should refrain from talking about the Monetary Code," said its director, César Ricaurte.

And there is more.

Quito Eddy Sanchez, councillor elected by the Patriotic Society, and now aligned with Alianza País, proposed a "moratorium" to avoid talking about the Metro de Quito, the most controversial issue in recent times, which will be the most expensive project carried out by the Metropolitan District.

The councillor says that by not asking, people do not approve, but "the technical report on the 15 00 items" is expected to be ready in "eight short weeks" .

The proposal is an absurdity, but also the most pathetic evidence that the government is leaning towards opacity and the disciplined silence of society, contrary to the contemporary societies democratic way of life which promotes discussion and not silence. No silence!