Author Topic: The Document that would put #Assange in Jail in #Ecuador (Penal Code Art 180)  (Read 3849 times)

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The Forum is currently working on an English translation of this document.

So this is the Ecuador where Julian Assange, reigning King of Transparency and Freedom of Press wants to spend his life ? One has to wonder why neither Assange nor any of his mouth puppets have addressed the issue of the state controlled surveillance program currently in effect

Correa has changed the constitution 15 times to his advantage and this is his version of the Penal Code which has been made official very recently. A lot of the amended articles are a shameful attack onto Press freedom and transparency whilst protecting via very light punishment embezzlement and public corruption.

It is safe to say that Correa is a dictator. He also has officially announced that he will not step down from office, he plans to stay in power forever

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That is seemingly stupid of Assange to want to move to Ecuador in light of the Penal Code laws against Journalist there. He also was seemingly pleased that Snowden ended up in Russia, another government Assange backs. Both Correa and Putin have a dictator feel to them and both of their governments suppress freedom of information and persecute dissidents. 

   So why is Assange so OK with these dictators and their governments?? In my opinion simply because they are anti US and US western allies. He has shown to be so anti US himself, that I am convinced that is the only reason that these dictators are willing to give him the time of day. But make no mistake, even though those dictators might tolerate him to some means, if he ever steps out of line to some disadvantage to them, they would smash him with less feeling than killing a fly.
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Disclaimer : This article has been translated by a volunteer translator.  Neither WikiLeaks nor The WikiLeaks Discussion Forum shall be held accountable for errors.  The reader is welcome to check him/herself the original source linked below, and to comment if there is an error or misinterpretation.  If an error is identified we shall endeavour to correct it.

Aviso legal. Este artículo ha sido traducido por un traductor voluntario. Tanto Wikileaks como El foro de Discusión Wikileaks no se harán responsables por los errores. Se invita al lector a revisar por ella o él mismo, la fuente original en el link de abajo, y comentar si hubiera algún error o mal interpretación. Si identifica algún error, nos esforzaremos en corregirlo.

Translator : mayya

Ecuador Penal Code 

Article 180 - Dissemination of information with restricted circulation.

The person disseminating information with restricted circulation will be punishable by a penalty of  one to three years of imprisonment.

Is considered information with restricted circulation:

1 Information protected by a clause expressly and previously established by law. 

2 Information produced by the Prosecutor in the context of a prior investigation. 

3 Information concerning children and adolescents which violates their rights as per the Law on Protection for Children and Adolescents.