Author Topic: I assure you it is not a death threat.However it is "veiled"and it is a warning  (Read 1555 times)

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I assure you it is not a death threat.However it is "veiled"and it is a warning

I am being hacked/watched for some reason.
I assure you it is not a death threat. However it is "veiled" and it is a warning only because I am being watched and also for your protection.
I have a face,name,family. Im not worried about Big Brother but there is another element at pIay here and I dont know what it is. So please be careful. I was just going about my business....check my timeline on Twitter before I contacted you.

Proceed as you feel necessary. It [themessage] is from the mothers and children who have been slaughtered through the ages.
Someone may be watching me. This a very difficult position.
The story of Cain is the origin of the expression marked man. He was afraid he would be killed so God protected him by marking him. I am happy to illuminate further about the message if you like.
My sincerest apologies for the ominous tone of the message.
There is no need for you to share anything further about yourself. It is apparent from our few interactions that you are a caring person. You have been very generous with your time, kind and thoughtful.

If I may I shall place the message in the context it was written. Then explain the message itself in further detail. Hopefully this shall ease your concern.
As I said I was just going about my usual business. On sat. someone hit my phone I got a false security certificate warning on my phone when I was attempting to log on to Google. Sunday evening someone broke into the middle of my phone conversation with my boyfriend. They were on the phone breathing heavily. He also heard it. It
freaked him out and he used to be a marine.

I live out in the country by myself so I was a little freaked out when I wrote the message.
I only wanted to get the message out safely without harming anyone in the process.

The introduction is referencing that the messenger is Cain. I chose that caricature of myself for many reasons. It is a harsh light to paint oneself in. I do feel as though I have blood on my hands but not by any measure of the law. I had an abortion when I was 17. To me it feels as though it was not the right thing to do.
The middle part of the message I do not consider myself the origin of. It is based on a true event. Im not asking you to believe it. Only sharing the experience.
I  have a medical condition and I heard saw and experienced the Mothers and children. They were in pain and suffering greatly. I was talking to god about why there was suffering.
I am an athiest. I dont believe in an afterlife. Or in ghosts or spirits.
No one should understand the middle part of the message.
I ended it with saying my days were numbered and said Book of Life to indicate I was a real person.

I had and still have no idea who is choosing to target me or why.
Im a street activist so I'm not worried about Big Brother. We get arrested all the time or labeled domestic tertorists, etc.
There are other elements at play that Im not sure about. It seems that some of them are stabbing eachother in the back. Any stark tone was to warn those elements away if in fact we are being watched.
I have the piece of paper I wrote the message on. The link directing you to pastebin was only shared with you.

A message that I sent to my friends on FB asking them not to look for me is missing.
It has been my hope write and publish to more about the middle of the message and my experience.

Other than being a crazy person. Im quite normal I hope. My story does put my mental status into question and my political beliefs are a radical. It us very easy to label me and write me off. Again, no harm was intended. I was  truly worried about everone's well being.
Hopefully this lends clarity for you. After you shared what you have shared I am still very concerned about you and your staffs well being. If I can be of any service to you. Please let me know.
Thank you again for being so kind and honest with me.
Please feel free to ask me anything you like.