Author Topic: "The Question They Ask To demoralize And Invert To Fascism"  (Read 1295 times)

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"The Question They Ask To demoralize And Invert To Fascism"
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The Question They Ask To demoralize And Invert To Fascism

question they ask to demoralize and invert to fascism, the question Can be asked in a team building exercise and asked when a political party sends as many of the workers on team building exercises and also unemployed and disabled people sent on employ-ability courses where the question is asked. A scenario were a person has to choose who lives or dies and is given a little info on the people and they then have to choose their fate. Also there's a background theme which is also a revert word usually economy so when say a prime-minister starts talking about the economy the people who have been asked the question revert back to the thoughts (seed) that made them choose and why they chose those people to die usually the unemployed and disabled, the question is designed to direct persecution to who the question is directed at also after the question is answered their opinions my be changed and transferred to family, friends and colleagues by attitude, behavior, perceptions, mentally and so on. Very similar to what happened in Germany and the question being asked and directed encouraging the rise of fascism as well as the other country's occupied by fascism had to answer the question.
 It Was The Conservatives Who Asked Hitler When At Eton The Question And From It Hitler Used It To Build The Rise Of Fascism Because Hitler Realized What Was Happening When The Conservative Question Was Asked.