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"My computer and phone have been tampered with by the NSA"
« on: August 26, 2014, 00:54:47 AM »
To the best of my knowledge my computer and my phone have been tampered with by the NSA

Dear Sir or Madam:
My name is XXXXXXXXXXX a veteran of the United States Armed Forces. This is not my first attempt at contacting your office/organization. My attempts at contacting your office/org will not stop until I speak to you directly and this matter is resolved. AS of August 12, 2013 I have been unable to retain an attorney in the states of Florida or Missouri, which has been an ongoing crisis for approximately one year now. This is pursuant of a landmark federal case. And due to the nature of my lawsuit all my attempts have been halted. What I am revealing to you is an abbreviated version of my experiences over the last year. Documenting in its entirety will be time consuming laborious. Somewhere within this letter lies the burden of proof needed to exonerate the accused traitor, Edward Snowden. Please take the time to review the information carefully.

To the best of my knowledge my computer and my phone have been tampered with by the NSA. The advanced nature of the technology has prohibited me from receiving the needed assistance to resolve the situation. And the technology involved far exceeds anything they are willing to admit. The American people are not ready for the types of spying and surveillance that are about to revealed. The revelations will send shockwaves throughout the world community. All my resources have been exhausted in trying to retain an attorney. So it has left me no choice but to reach out to the media for assistance.
The NSA is using a voice activated technology to intercept and to reroute phone conversations. The technology has made it impossible for me to retain an attorney. And the fact that I have been unable to find my way around the technology is frightening. The surveillance goes far beyond that of Xkeystone PRISM. The three-hop query has been taken on a new meaning with the use of a voice activated technology. They are going all the way down my line of contacts using fraudulent voices. Not permitting me to develop and maintain a relationship with an attorney. The parties in question are not above using it on anyone that I have contacted. It is synthesized to the exact specifications of each individual. Deceiving enough to interrupt a phone conversation mid-sentence and changing the dialogue, or re-routing the phone conversation to a third-party. The voice activated technology needs to be taken seriously. Should this happen to you it would be impossible to make the distinction between the fraudulent voice and your own. Over the course of the last year I have contacted upwards of one –hundred human rights activist, attorneys, politicians and media. All the responses I have received solicited the same message thanks to this technology. That is,” I am unaware of anyone who inspects computers” or “there is no one in the state that handles civil rights cases.” This includes the Florida and the Missouri Supreme Court.

Here is another example of the types of frustrations I have encountered. For instance, on January the 4th of 2013 I attempted to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigations internet crimes division. My intentions were to make them aware of the firewall and the defacing of me and my girlfriends Facebook pages. The IC3 operator refused to handle my complaint. She informed me that, “We do not normally handle cases of that nature.” She then proceeded to ask me “why would someone install a firewall on your computer?” Not knowing, I did not reply. At this point I became a bit suspicious. She recommended that I take my computer to Best Buy electronics. Stating, “It would be the best place to have it inspected for the suspected internet crimes.” In astonishment I ended the phone conversation. I am not the most computer savvy person in the world. However, this seemed a bit ridiculous. Afterwards, I followed it up with a written complaint online to the FBI internet crimes division, Complaint Id: I1301041602226471. To my knowledge and not to my surprise it has never been investigated. The phone call was obviously the recipient of a third party using the voice activated technology. Phone calls to Kroll Investigative Services and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have all solicited the same kinds of responses. These are obviously not the people that they are claiming to be. Anyone familiar with them knows that they specialize in the field of cyber-security.
To make matters worse my girlfriend Charlie White is the step-daughter of country music legend Lorrie Morgan. Post and pictures of hers have been edited from their originals to threaten and intimidate me. Not to mention other cyber-bullying tactics. The harassment became so overwhelming that I have since discontinued the use of Facebook. So many times this happened that I have also removed the hard-drive from my computer. There are hundreds if not thousands of these infractions embedded within my hard-drive.

In addition to this, I will openly discuss the other atrocities that the NSA has committed. It goes far beyond the scope of mass data collection than the public knows exist. It is also much more invasive than installing a firewall. And much more advanced technologically thanks to advances in science than anything they are willing to discuss publicly. Waiting to be revealed is something capable of parting heaven of earth. Sure to set off a firestorm of emotions and send shockwaves around the world. Trust me when I say, “this will be the complete undoing of the NSA should this be made public.” To facilitate the following technology you would need something comparable to that of the Haldron Collider. And quite possibly the sole reason for having the voice activated technology installed on my phone. Do not be misled into believing this is something other than what I am able to reveal. This could quite possibly be everything that Mr. Snowden has been forbidden from sharing.
Contacting me by way of phone or email will not be necessary. All attempts over the last year have been thwarted. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Sending out a representative from your office/organization would be the ideal way to contact me, or certified mail thru the postal service. Although, I have become suspicious that someone from within the government is also confiscating my mail. Do not discontinue your efforts to contact me until we have spoken directly


To Whom It May Concern,

My son Aaron a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, he has served his country proudly. I am asking for help with a serious matter. Aaron has had his civil rights violated by the current administration and I desperately need someone to investigate the situation. My son’s well-being has been seriously compromised.
Aaron is a college graduate with an Associate’s degree in Accounting and Business and has also earned accreditation in Accounting Principles and Accounting technology. In addition to his educational background he is one of the most accomplished bodybuilders in North America.
His computer and phone have been tampered with by the U.S. government. I do believe that a firewall has been installed on his computer and has made it impossible for him to communicate with the outside world. His girlfriends ‘page has also been defaced and needs to be investigated for criminal mischief. The tactics employed have been cruel and inhumane to say the least. Whoever are responsible needs to dealt with swiftly as I fear for my sons’ safety. Please help me resolve this situation as I am a concerned mother and would greatly appreciate an appropriate response.