Author Topic: "The woman in France is sort of like a neo-Nazi, from the little I’ve read"  (Read 2127 times)

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They said I was trying to enter an apartment complex (I wasn't--I was walking on a public sidewalk). They said I was disoriented (I wasn't). I was doing nothing illegal. Maybe they didn't like my European bird calls that I was whistling.
I wrote you a note last night. I'll paste it here. BTW, I have to use unsecured, public Internet. Here is the note (below). I hope you have a great weekend! :-)

Hi. Jut wondering if you are really with Wikileaks. I klnow you’re not Assange. He’s too busy. If you communicate with Assanage, please let him know that I think it’s atrocious that he has to live in an embassy. I’m going to forward a little part of a writing to the Russian Embassy or maybe Putin himself that will suggest Russia help Assanage. Of course, I’m a nobody so I have no influence. I was wondering if Assanage was sworn in as a diplomat if he could claim diplomatic immunity and leave the country to a country where he wants asylum. I’m not sure if diplomatic immunity is retroactive for “crimes” committed before diplomatic immunity, though. Another option is a treaty. Some countries write treaties to grant a person asylum. A country could enter a treaty with the country that wants to jail Assanage and arrange the terms for asylum that would include safe passage.
Meanwhile, I wonder about some traty issues. All of the various topics I’ve had to think about since an unneeded security clearance of me (for a measley externship at the Department of State, Office of Legal Advisor) demand some positive closure. So, I’m thinking I’ll spend a few days writing some treaties on issues such as torture, profiling, brain mapping, bioterrorism, etc. I was hoping that Russia would leverage Snowden’s asylum to showcase the aspects of human rights that Russia does well. And they do some human rights well. However, Russia hasn’t gone in this direction. So, I’d like to forward these draft treaties ot a country that is interested in ethical foreign policy, keeping psychological pressures and unethical medical practices at bay. Normally, I would turn to a European country. However, some of the leaders are terrible. The woman in France is sort of like a neo-Nazi, from the little I’ve read. There are too many ultra conservatives in power. I’m not sure about Europe anymore. I’m not sure about NATO. Yet, which non-NATO countries would want to raise the ethical bar on these issues, which would mean de=escalating the militaristic tendencies and tensions? The US stinks at foreign policy and just keeps escalating tensions and creating more wars, so I will not share my ideas with the US. Plus, the US is highly dysfunctional—the US government can’t even pass a budget in a normal way. Do you have any suggestions for countries that might want to advance these treaty topics? I’m a bit odd, that’ for sure. But I think that most world conflicts could be resolved in a week if smart, un-arrogant people worked n the issues. So, I’ll spend about a week on these issues then send gifts in the form of draft treaties or treaty sections...but who should be the recipient?
If you’d like to know more about me, I can send my CV, etc. I’m not sure how a person gets to know another person these days, when the US surveillane state already knows as much about me as they would like. I realize that Wikileaks needs to protect itself and I’m glad it does. So, if you need information, just let me know. Also, I’m horrible at secret stuff. I’m a literal person and I love language, so I tend to be literal. I won’t lie to you or betray your trust, but please don’t ask me to do spy-like stuff because I would be a horrible, terrible, no-good spy-like person. Also, I am awful at technology. So, please don’t rely on me in that way because I am inept.

I’m tried to watch a documentary last night. It was the Pursuit of Happiness by Louis Malle. It’s about refugees, but it focused on refugees in the US and, personally, I didn’t want to listen to people talk about how wonderful the US is. Funny how many of the people I respect most have been refugees, myself included. It’s a pity the way refugees are treated. I was working on an international law article about a new refugee policy when I lost my last job. I’d like to publish that article because in a few weeks, I could solve immigration policy for many countries. Sorry if that sounds arrogant, but it’s not. It’s just fact. Many thingsreally aren’t that complicated.

All the best. I hope you enjoy the weekend. I really hope you are not a US government person.