Author Topic: PR Firm MCSquared Spent $500,000 on Celebrity Endorsements For One Tricky Client  (Read 1047 times)

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PR Firm MCSquared Spent $500,000 on Celebrity Endorsements For One Tricky Client

Tess VandenDolder - Staff Writer, 
Politics09/18/14 @9:05am in Politics

Celebrities don't come cheap, as political PR firm MCSquared has learned. According to documentsfiled this week with the Justice Department, the firm spent $500,000 to get movie starts Mia Farrow and Danny Glover to appear in public service announcements on behalf on the government of Ecuador, one of MCSquared's more controversial clients.

The firm has been handling the country's PR efforts surrounding a lawsuit Ecuador has filed against oil company Chevron. The South American nation is claiming that Chevron's oil drilling activities in the country have contaminated some priceless areas of rainforest. MCSquared has been going after Chevron on behalf of Ecuador since 2012, when an Ecuadorian court ruled that Chevron owed the country a $9 billion settlement for environmental damage. Since then the case has gone through a number of high profile U.S. court rulings, in what has amounted to a "he said, she said" case.

Ecuador's $4.6 million contract with MCSquared has also sparked some questions in Washington, after the Washington Free Beacon reported that the firm had been working for the country for over a year before registering their client with DOJ, which is required by federal law.

As for these celebrity endorsements, MCSquared put out press releases in January announcing Mia Farrow and Danny Glover's involvement in “The Dirty Hand of Chevron,” an international campaign launched by Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa. Over $188,000 was paid to Greater Talent Network, which represents Farrow, and another $330,000 was paid to Glover's representatives at the American Program Bureau to secure the actors' high profile visits to Ecuador to witness the environmental damage.

In addition to Farrow and Glover's high price tags, MCSquared also spent $64,000 to hire speakers for a Summit for Responsible Journalism in Ecuador, $167,000 to host an event in New York City featuring President Correa, $19,000 for another journalism conference at Columbia University, and $157,000 to advertise Ecuador's tourism industry.