Author Topic: Allegedly, Correa has two secret bank accounts in Switzerland  (Read 6136 times)

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Allegedly, Correa has two secret bank accounts in Switzerland
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translator: mayya

Source: have-dos-accounts-secret-in-suiza/

Allegedly, Correa has two secret bank accounts in Switzerland

Periodismo Ecuador / January 28, 2013

According to the web site, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has two secret bank accounts in Switzerland. The information was posted this morning on the website, which has since mysteriously been blocked. According to the research carried out by, it says there that for over five years now, he has been making deposits of undisclosed amounts.

Here is the post: " Neither Swiss accounts have been declared by Correa in his annual mandatory income and property declarations to the Internal Revenue Service, SRI, the state agency responsible for collecting taxes in Ecuador and administering the tax system.

A senior source at the SRI told that Correa has only declared a personal checking account with the State Bank of the Pacific in Ecuador, and another one with the Bic Code Fintro, in Belgium, his wife's birthplace, Anne Marie David Gosselin Malherbe where the couple owns real estate, not all declared.

The secret accounts are listed in the Zurich branch of the Berenberg Bank, from Germany, located at: Kruzstrasse 5, 8034.

 For this type of secret accounts, the Berenberg Bank requires an opening deposit of no less than two million Euros, according to the source.

The Berenberg Bank was founded in 1590 in Germany, and its Swiss branch has wealthy clients from all over the world, except from the United States because legally they consider Switzerland to be a tax heaven.

 In his 2011 tax return, Correa said that his real estate properties were worth $622,000, made up mainly by two houses, located in Quito and in Belgium.

 The office manager of the Berenberg Bank, where the money lies in undisclosed quantities consigned by President Correa, is Mr. Jens Schuetrumpf.

The accounts details

Correa's Swiss accounts are :

 Account 1-BE 6414 3078 574852
 Account 2-BE 6414 3078 5741 352

 The acronym "BE" at the start of each account number indicates that they belong to the German Berenberg Bank.

 In one of them, probably number 2, civilian intelligence sources stated that Correa's wife would use it for "delegate personnel management."

 Rafael Correa is identified with the Ecuadorian citizenship identity card number 090881351-2 and his wife with 171353744-5.

 The source which spoke to at SRI said that the account number 1 is mentioned in an official report dated April 2011, signed by the SRI CEO, Carlos Marx Carrasco V., a copy of which has been secured by BananaLeaks.

 In that report, Carrasco replied to a request made by the Ecuadorian congressman Jorge Zambrano who wanted to know the scale of the money transfers made by Correa.

 The Informant official record

The director of SRI reported 20 transfers made by Correa, mainly to Belgium, USA, Canada, Chile, Luxembourg and Germany.

Overall, we are looking at smaller payments, around a thousand dollars each, made with credit cards and declared by Correa to the SRI: one of the cards is a black Mastercard and the other one a Visa Platinum.
Just one transfer was made to Germany, worth $ 331.082.50, which outstrips all the others and which for the first time allowed private investigators to fully establish the connection between Correa and the Swiss accounts.

 According to the above mentioned document from SRI, a copy of which we have on file, the $331.082.50 were sent by Correa to Germany but the money 's final destination was account BE 6414 574852 3078, the exact same account as the one outlined above. The SRI, however, did not include in its report the account owner's name.

 "What happened next ," said a source, " is that Correa just sent money to Germany assuming that since the Swiss account was secret, it would never be identified."
"He also thought that if he said he was making a transfer to Belgium, the SRI, which reports directly to him, would not contradict him," the source added.

 Even though the complete SRI document is a statement in the defense of Correa and his right to send money abroad, he protested publicly claiming that the $ 331.082.50 was not sent to Germany, as his junior staff state in the report, but to Belgium. However, one of the civil intelligence sources consulted about such registration said that it cannot be changed due to the fact that "the documents relevant to the bank transfer are unequivocally clear and can not be changed unilaterally,".

If Correa made the bank transfer to the Bic Fintro account in Belgium, it is not clear why he did not send it to the German Berenberg branch in Zurich, where the sources also found the record of the second account aforementioned also owned by Correa, and with a power of attorney to his wife.

Advisory Manzur and Delgado

According to sources, the two secret bank accounts in Switzerland belonging to Correa are also mentioned in exchanges of information between the Ecuadorian lawyer Manzur Checrallah Carlos Sandoval and Pedro Delgado, personal financial advisor to President Correa and until last December, President of the Central Bank of Ecuador .