Author Topic: Wars in the Middle East and the genocide of terrorism  (Read 2103 times)

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Wars in the Middle East and the genocide of terrorism
« on: October 19, 2014, 11:23:58 AM »
As anyone fascinated by conspiracy theories, I wondered why all the wars in the Middle-East last so long and why governments do only the minimum to end this violence.
Turkey is criticized for doing very little against the Islamic state (ISIS), while the coalition has bombed a few positions without seeking a comprehensive political solution to the conflict, and during this time the Syrian regime is bombing rebel groups and civilians with the help of russian secret services.

 ... and if it was all a political conspiracy? to attract as many extremists in the Middle-East as possible, to lead them to fight in a so chaotic region that no one will ever go out alive from here... did governments allow these wars in the Middle-East to lead to certain death as many terrorists as possible? Is it a way to make a kind of 'ethnic cleansing' of populations considered as having radical religious views?
 In parallel, Western governments engaged in those wars in the Middle East and they wait so long to find a political solution, because it discredits the religion of Islam, showing us that ultimately it is a religion of violence and that nobody can stop them from fighting. It also allows the radicalization of public opinion in Europe, US and elsewhere, and it reinforces on the other hand the governments power in front of the fear that people feel in western countries.
 I also read that some regimes of the Middle East use terrorist groups to eliminate all political opponents everywhere and thus square their political accounts. As seen in Turkey, it seems that Erdogan squared his accounts with the opponent kurds from the PKK, by not assisting them against ISIS. It's a way of saying that all these terrorists and extremists are deliberately called to go to the Middle-East and end up in the same region of the world to lead to a massacre of the people, political opponents, journalists, human rights activists rights, etc, leading to a global genocide where even terrorists won't survive.
 We can speak of a form of genocide which led to the death of civilians, but also a genocide of all members of the terrorist groups that are manipulated by governments on behalf of the interests of very powerful people. UN and other international organizations must focus on the problem of the genocide of populations (women, men, children), but also the deliberate genocide of members of terrorist groups, who are often uneducated people and do not know why they are fighting.
 These terrorists are manipulated by governments, taking advantage of their naivety and lack of education, and led to death without consciousness, I would even say without consent because they are partly ignorant of the real political goals of these wars.
 They are the pawns of governments, which feed only interest for oil, not for jihad and not for islam. When all those terrorists are going to die by killing each other, then western governments will have no opponents to exploit oil and whatever they want in those countries.
 These terrorists are manipulated by governments that lead them to certain death, taking advantage of their naivety and their lack of education. These terrorists are often recruited because they're young, coming from very poor families, don't have much money and are falsely attracted by guns like in modern video games.
Governments and very influential people are pushing extremist Muslims in these wars, muslims who would perhaps never have become terrorists if not indoctrinated. The death of all these terrorists who go to fight blindly (without understanding the real meaning of what they are doing, because they are psychologically alienated) is a form of human genocide, given the amount of fighters who die every day and who themselves are killing thousands of innocent civilians and children.
On the government side, both arab as western governments, it seems that the desire to let the war go on is to lead to the greatest number of victims, both from the civilian side as from the side of terrorist groups, which originally are also civilians who have been enlisted in the war due to extremist propaganda.
"Les hommes qui ont vécu dans les laboratoires n'imaginent guère que les partis extrêmes" -
"Men who lived in the laboratories can hardly imagine anything else than extreme parties" (Louis Aragon, 1897-1982)