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Chemtrails - DEBUNKED !
« on: October 25, 2014, 13:03:29 PM »

a Quick video I made debunking the ridiculous Chemtrail conspiracy.

The reason why there are more trails on some days compared to other day is because of the different percentages of water in the air (higher humidity levels) and temprature levels. People think that the chemicals changes the weather, because they see the trails and changes in weather at once. Actually it is the other way around, the clouds form due to the level of humidity and air pressure changes, the same weather paterns also causes contrails to be more visible.

Do the real research and don't listen to the loons like Alex Jones and all the other crazy conspiracy theorists out there.

Ask yourself the silly questions first, think logically. Let's take a simple example. Do you ever sit and wonder where clouds come from? high and low pressure systems, simple.
How does a plane work? high and low pressure system is create by the wings causing a vacuum (low pressure) above the wing and high pressure under the wing making it fly mysteriously. These pressure systems are what cause the contrails the exact same as clouds are created.

"But contrails do not persist and should dissipate ". Yes they do persist, they can also accumulate more water and create larger clouds and hang around for hours, same as clouds do. they do not just dissipate. On days that are less humid with less water in the air, they will disappear much quicker, different altitudes will also cause some planes to show trailing condensation where other planes at a different altitude shows no trail at all.

To do more research on why we have high Aluminium levels in the air, search Wiki or other reliable sources for the Documented Facts around Acid Rain, also see this video by Browncoat3000

NOTICE!!! These so called chemtrails are NOT related to cloud seeding which uses natural, non toxic items like liquid propane etc. Please know these are normal methods used for years. It is no secret, the companies have been around for years and information is publically available.

Also refer to these for more information on the so called "evidence of chemtrails"

Why the criss crossing?

It is sad to know that people are incapable of understanding this, but holding areas need a certain amount of airspace, a plane cannot circle in a small area constantly while it has to wait for its turn to land. Therefore we have holding areas, many plane need to land, the bigger the airport or the more planes landing at an airport, the more air traffic is experienced. Holding areas are explained short and simple right here.

Geo-Engineering has nothing to do with chemtrails etc as claimed by the conspiracy nuts. Please follow the link and become a clever one. lol