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Why Snowden is bullshit
« on: October 30, 2014, 10:16:47 AM »
August 8, 2013 in Uncategorized, Unspun News
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 Personally I have been an American exile for 5 years, due to my anarchist thoughts. I fear that country with my life. Not the people themselves, but the powers that dominate and subvert the place. I have been going to anti-war protests since I was 15, and I’m now 26. I have been trying to blow off the lid on the ECHELON empire (which is the old British empire) for 3 years. The U.S Military has censored me for those 3 years, I who was reporting the news for various sources risking their lives and reputations. The U.S Military spent $12 million censoring our non-profit on the internet, you can get an FOIA request for that, or simply CIAGoogle “$12 million Anarchadia facebook”, and all the Facebook links to that are still up, but no longer available. Bradley Manning just got 130 years for being a hero. So Snowden is a total joke, and I would love to explain why.
First of all Snowden is CIA, and PRISM has been going on for 10 years, in our prison slave camp they call the U.S.A. Secondly ECHELON is what people should really be worrying about. And all of these CIA limited hangouts know this. Putin is a CIA asset, he helped the CIA set up the FSB in Russia. Obama is CIA, he work for CIA In-Q-Tel which funded Google and CIA Facebook. Alex Jones works for Jeff Rothschild, who is CIA. As far as RT and CNN go they go they both have the same advertisers, and RT is rigged with FSB. Ron Paul was the Bush family’s doctor, and supports the liberation of Palestine, while backing stronger anti-immigration laws against mexicans just like all the current republicans and democrats. Julian Assange somehow has connections with a whole bunch of CIA assets from CIA AlQaeda, as well as Jack Appelbaum also CIA. The New York Times and the Guardian are crawling with CIA and MI6, who ever so often post propaganda and get everybody’s hopes up. Only for it to turn into another fascist coup. Each and every time. And not to mention Snowden is everywhere on every nazi corporate mainstream artifice, being promoted as a hero while Manning is looking at 2 life sentences, for trusting the U.S Government’s “sincerity”.

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