Author Topic: Ecuador Asks Sweden for Constructive Dialogue on Assange Case  (Read 779 times)

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Ecuador Asks Sweden for Constructive Dialogue on Assange Case
« on: November 14, 2014, 17:38:54 PM »
Ecuador Asks Sweden for Constructive Dialogue on Assange Case

Quito, November 13 (Prensa Latina)

Ecuador''s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino exhorted the government of Sweden Thursday to keep a constructive dialogue on the case of Australian journalist and computer expert Julian Assange, aimed at ending the paralysis that affects his human rights.

In a meeting with the temporary Ambassador of Sweden in Ecuador, located in Bogota, Marie Andersson de Frutos, Patiño said that the attentive immobility affects the human rights of everyone involved in the case, particularly Assange, who has spent two years in exile in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

The US government is chasing the computer expert since its organization in 2010, WikiLeaks, revealed diplomatic cables with thousands of official documents that show irregularities and violations by Washington on issues such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Currently, Assange is charged of alleged sex crimes in Sweden, which is considered a plot to get the extradition to that country and then give the exxpert up to the US authorities.

Although Ecuador granted asylum, journalists can not travel to Quito because the UK does not gives you a passport, while the judicial process is stalled because the Swedish justice refuses to take statements from him in the Ecuadorian Embassy.

On the issue Patino considered necessary to maintain a dialogue with Stochkolm based on the principles of sovereignty and independence of powers as well as the commitment of both nations against international law and human rights.

The Ecuadorian Foreign Minister said he explained to the Swedish representative the priority given to the case by Quito and the legal reasons for which Ecuador grant asylum to Assange.

At the meeting the sides also discussed bilateral relations and expressed the will to strengthen links by establishing a renewed political dialogue.

With regard to international politics, Patiño remarked on the coincidence on negotiations on issues such as environment and climate change, and willingness to advance coordination in multilateral forums.

Meanwhile, the Swedish ambassador explained the features of the new social democratic government in his country, and his intention to strengthen links with Latin America and Ecuador.

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