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AFP/AFP/File - British Journalist and supporter of Wikileaks founder
Julian Assange, Vaughan Smith, who launched the fundraising campaign
for the statue, is seen here in London on October 3, 2012
An online fundraiser has been launched to build a bronze statue of
Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, a spokesman for
the campaign confirmed Friday.

Launched at the start of November by a supporter of Assange, the
British journalist Vaughan Smith, the project aims to raise £100,000
(126,000 euros, $157,000) by the start of January. By Friday, it had
raised just under £20,000. If the scheme does not reach its target,
it will not receive the money.

But even if the project, presented on online fundraising site
Kickstarter, does not reach the overall figure, it will not collapse,
according to Marco Benagli, a spokesman for the campaign.

"The crowdfunding was aimed at making small or very small donors
contribute to the work," he said.

"We already have sustained the production costs until now but we will
start another crowdfunding campaign this time on Indiegogo (another
fundraising site) so to get part of the costs covered and still give
to people a way to participate in the effort.

"Money is just a tool. We will not stop the project because of it."
The statue is described on the site as "a monument to courage" and is
to feature lifesize bronze statues of WikiLeaks founder Assange,
Snowden and Manning standing on three chairs "with a fourth empty
chair for us".

Assange is currently holed up in London's Ecaudorean embassy in a bid
to avoid extradition to Sweden.

Ex-National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Snowden was granted
asylum in Russia after leaking a huge trove of information about US
mass surveillance.

Manning is serving a 35-year prison sentence for the biggest document
leak in US history.

Above copyright information taken from the following website :
I am very inspired by what is going on in current political landscape
both in USA and UK. For one thing a General Election is looming in UK
(due on May 2015). A lot of UK politicians are vying for most needed
votes from UK voters. It is an ideal opportunity for Mr J Assange to
make the biggest legal bid for freedom thus far!
No UK politician and candidate for election to house of commons west
minister would come out and support the use of torture or imposition
on torture on anyone on UK soil!
Following that logic, i will be inviting pyschologists, social
workers, doctors, legal experts and other professionals to make a
comment as to whether the current situation of Mr J Assange amount to
torture. I refer precisely to his current existence at Ecuador
Embassy. Despite the noble effort of Ecuador President Correa to
combat stress related to unexpected long confinement without immediate
end in sight (most prisoners tend to know when they will be released
 The question would not be about whether he physically put himself in
that situation (as has been hinted by Swedish government legal experts
to justify doing nothing to help him get a final resolution).
To solve a problem, a person must try to divide problem into
understandable size. Clearly a lot of people have looked at Mr J
Assange case and tried to find a political, legal, diplomatic
solution without success.
But i think the best way to speedily resolve the Mr J Assange scenario
is to prove that his current status amount to torture. If it does
amount to torture an illegal act. Then suffice to say, it has to be
appropriately resolved to stop illegality. The same way in which
waterboarding was not seen immediately as torture until the actual
victims began to complain of the effect it hard on them directly
(speaking of which i think Theresa May must not permit use of water
canons by UK police it would amount to kind of large scale
waterboarding of groups of people). Suffering in a group don't make
suffering more bearable (as chain gang of slaves being transported and
maltreated clearly indicate).
The UK voters are the only group of individuals who need to understand
that Mr J Assange situation amount to torture.
For one thing the best analogy is imprisonment. Prisoners are allowed
daily exercise on prison grounds (they get to see the sun by standing
outide in open air). Mr J Assange does not have the ability to stand
on outside ground as Ecuador Embassy does not have a back garden area
as far as i am aware.
So Mr J Assange is not allowed what every prisoner is allowed exercise
outdoor. Therefore since he is not allowed such basic right to
exercise daily outdoor. The emphasis is outdoor exercise (as humans we
need to experience outdoor for survival that mean mental survival not
just physical survival). I think that Mr J Assange is being tortured
and subjected to inhumane treatment by UK government.
Also if Mr J Assange require medical attention in a hospital he cannot
attend hospital. Although doctors and nurses can visit him. A prisoner
in need of urgent medical care would get security escort to a proper
hospital ! Mr J Assange if he has a medical emergency of any sort will
not be able to leave Ecuador embassy, he may most likely die ! A
serious emergency is when hospital equipment is needed to monitor and
treat patient.
The added worry that if any serious medical emergency happened to him
he cannot be takent to hospital also amount to psychological torture
and distress currently suffered by Mr J Assange. Prisoners are aware
that if they suffer any medical emergency requiring hospital
treatement they will be taken to hospital (with appropriate security).
I am standing as an independent candidate for House of Commons,
Westminster, London, England, UK on May 2015. I am campaigning for
Justice for Mr J Assange. I strongly believe that i will with the help
of other supporters of freedom and liberty be able to achieve noble
We must snatch our country back from forces which seek to restrict our
enjoyment of life and liberty. Watching another human confined or
restricted unfairly cause distress to all right thinking civilised
humans. That is why good society is composed of citizens who care
about the well being of other citizens. We as UK citizens must take a
stand and send a clear signal to the world. That we do not tolerate or
accept what our elected UK government is doing in our name.
USA Policing Scandal and unlawful killing of Mr Brown and Mr Garner
I think that this is another chapter in USA history which would see a
change in policing of ethnic minorities for ever. Unlawful killing of
black men by USA police is the bad legacy of slavery in america.
However, one thing different is that a black president is in the white
house. Read the last line again, black president in white house!
I will emphasise more on political strategy lobbying strategy relating
to having a black president in white house later. But let me tease
readers of my next email with one thought.
What is the difference between president Obama and a black or white
police officer?

One is elected by the people directly and has be held accountable
directly to the people!
The other is accountable to his local police force and face little or
no direct public scrutiny.

I welcome the idea of fundraising for statute of notable freedom
fighters. The statute of Mr Nelson Mandela infront of house of commons
continue to inspire many people (we of course have the statute of
liberty given to america by france , france is my father land as my
grandfather was born there).

I welcome the idea of fundraising for a statute of Messrs Assange,
Snowdon and Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning).
Phone + 44 7747028271. Email
[email protected].
yours sincerely
Mr Z Gilpin
All rights reserved. Commercial sensitive data. Not for public press
distribution. International intellectual property and copyright of Mr
Z Gilpin. Diplomatic sensitive data.