Author Topic: If you don't agree with your government, say it with a song  (Read 5695 times)

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If you don't agree with your government, say it with a song
« on: December 16, 2014, 11:19:11 AM »
- you are tired of hearing about corruption scandals, you are fed up of reading 10 pages articles that talk about mass surveillance, you are fed up of trying to understand the Wikileaks diplomatic cables that have an incomprehensible language (and that even Julian Assange cannot fully explain these diplomatic terms)'re tired of spending so much time reading the media on internet with their sophisticated phrases, it requires so much concentration and energy that sometimes you don't have...

- you want to find an easy way to tell your anger and denounce governments actions and corruption without breaking your brain, well here's the solution :

Say it with a song! :) don't get nervous, write something funny!

Send this song via Twitter, Facebook or e-mail to your deputy, government, ministry, etc (even to Julian Assange, if you think Wikileaks is getting more and more boring with the swedish affair...)

Then, you just have to add the words to the song, to make it understandable, here are few examples:

Lily Allen: "Fuck You (very much)"

Look inside, look inside your tiny mind (choose a word: *dear government, dear Wikileaks, etc")
Then look a bit harder
'Cause we're so uninspired, so sick and tired
Of all the (*choose a word: corruption, crimes, injustice) you harbor

So you say it's not okay to be (*choose a word: "corrupted, bad, etc")
Well, I think you're just evil
You're just some (*choose a word) who can't tie my laces
Your point of view is medieval

Fuck you, fuck you very, very much
'Cause we hate what you do
And we hate your whole crew
So please don't stay in touch

 Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me - Rage Against The Machine

lyrics: "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me"

>> well, Fuck you: "I won't pay the austerity crisis
I won't do things like supporting mass surveillance
I won't listen to the government"

"Open Your Eyes" - Guano Apes - lyrics (good song for an NSA issue!)
 Hide your face forever (*choose a word: "you, NSA monster!")
dream and search forever (* "you have taken all my data")

Have you ever been for sale ? (* but I don't have enough money to buy the NSA)
when your isms get smart
oh so selfish and mindless
with that comment in your eye

Do you think that you are hard ? (*choose a word: "hey you, NSA!")
really harder than the other (*choose a word: "the other is the FSB and Putin!)
man you're acting cold
if you are not in charge

Don't split your mentality
without thinking twice
your voice has got no reason
now is the time to face your lies

Open your eyes, open your mind (*choose a word: "NSA agents, you're blind!")
proud like a god don't pretend to be blind
trapped in yourself, break out instead
beat the machine that works in your head
"Les hommes qui ont vécu dans les laboratoires n'imaginent guère que les partis extrêmes" -
"Men who lived in the laboratories can hardly imagine anything else than extreme parties" (Louis Aragon, 1897-1982)