Author Topic: Twitter Troll @shafpatel makes violent sexual threats against forum members kids  (Read 6405 times)

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There is a new disease on Twitter and it's called @shaftpatel. This malignant tumor faced armchair activist has been threatening forum members families for more than 3 months but it seems he reached a new low yesterday evening by making sexual threats against ex-forum members children. 

We don't want to spend too much time on scum like this, but we will say this: We will not stand for, nor tolerate threats against children of forum members or ex-forum members.

He doesnt make any secrets about his "identity" so we see no harm in presenting the person who likes to threaten children with sexual violence

Strange enough, he calls himself a "hacker" and "supporter of the couragious heros" His couragious heros are Assange who is facing rape charges in Sweden and and accused pedophile Sigurdur Thordarson, better known as "Siggi"

Unfortunately his sexual violence tweets made against forum ex members children were deleted immediately after but we managed to save these which he also deleted.

some threats he deleted from his Twitter account:

more threats......

The tweets and identity of this stalker have been sent to nthe police and we remain patient

We will not let him forget this ( and that's a promise )

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I really can´t stand those internet threatening people. That is so lame. People that really do someting don´t talk about. To many Bollywood movies he must have seen. Someone should really start telling the Assange-Crew that no one is scared of them especially not of "legal threats" or "online-I-Killya-Threats."

What´s a total no go with this guy is; he is threatening children - Everyone should know that this behavior is endorsed by a man fears his own shadow living in a embassy woman-toilette fapping on "CIA - Documents" without shampoo. his name is JULIAN ASSANGE -

yes dear readers of that forum - this is just one more fanatic Assange follower - now also attacking children. given the fact that Assange had a deep relationship to the pedophile Sigi aka "Q" and Shaf had a deep relationship to Sigi it looks horrible for Julian Assange his followers attack children.

Maybe Assange should open an Embassy in Elms Guest House - wouldn´t this the best place for that Sucker?
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I am seriously wondering about the true identity of the person behind that account. Like that picture, I do not even think that is the picture of the person who owns the account. There are other things that called into question about the account's authenticity, such as its actually followers, which have already been pointed out on twitter to be mostly fake.

 Now that the account is clearly committing acts that are illegal, there is no question in my mind that it has been set up as a facade. The user behind it, or even multiple users as some would be believe, have pure dark criminal intent.

 I believe as Assange slips into obscurity with each passing day, there will be periodically these vindictive bouts of acts by these criminals that surface. I expect more to come from the deranged obsessed Assange fanatics, who bought into the self proclaimed false prophet that is Assange, even past all the exposure of his actual self serving agenda.

 What is revealing to me is how with these vindictive acts, the Assange cultist themselves reveal the true Assange. Who else would bind themselves so tightly, would believe in Assange's promised utopia so completely, except a bunch of other self serving narcissist so much like Assange himself.
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I think this tells you all you need to know about this fake