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Kimono, you CAN'T verify in this case.

Verifying constitutes a privacy violation in this specific case. And we are talking about people that recived death threats (Emmy was very aware of this when she tweeted names, I can assure you, because she had spoken with me on the problem before turning to troll the forum).

I suppose the forum has/had blocked you on twitter for this continuous insisting in asking for Personal Questions. What you ask for looks like a "trap" to gather our data, thinking a bit paranoid.
If it's just curiousity I understand it, but I assure you I do not invite anyone, nor my ex-collegues will, "to have a coffee in my house" for Privacy and Security reasons.
Consider you are getting this reaction from the less bothered one (I'm not the one threatened).

If Emmy, or someone of us have shared their info. in public and how is a personal matter of each person, at this point. They are public. What I MAINLY criticize in Cabledrummer & Emmy is that they share info that are Absolutely NOT public (for example the facebook accounts).

Also K. has explained this move is to show Emmy, Cabledrummer & Co. how it feels being stressed with data published -and given the info is public this is technically possible-. If the data aren't correct, for me, it's even better... Who actually cares where she lives and how is her house? (I hope it's BIG, given the person and the quantity of PRO-Assange posters it has to contain... kidding).

It seems you are in this moment fixed on knowing who we are, honestly.

Please ask yourself how you would feel if I was doing the same about yourself and your blog: who is the owner (name and lastname); where does he/she live? ... Is it True? How can I prove it is true? ... When it has nothing to do with the entity of the site. Would you be happy if I started insisting on knowing where is your house ... remember I could be a psyop! O.O ... XD XD ... Have I given the idea?