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Crazy Readers mail - "fbi framing and killing the illuminati‏"
« on: February 11, 2015, 02:46:30 AM »
I just had to publish this one....its a beauty

From: michael aka the cias fields of drugs aka black dragon apocalypteon when in literal dragon brood flight into my cave draconis <[email protected]>
Subject: fbi framing and killing the illuminati

Message Body:
just say you leaked so that your not an accompliss to muder and crime and that you set up your sites so that others may not have to deal with the guilt of being an accompliss to muder or crimes and thats why they leaked... freedom of info act... 

the feds have been killing jews and rotschildren... they also killed the kevlar woman...
im leaking so that im not an accomplice to murder... plus the same feds that rigged my wrap sheet mind controlled, programmed, rigged, planned me and planted me to leak... they say i better leak...
this is what the corrupt houston fbi intel have done so far from what i know of from their leaking:
they trusted me enough to say whats on their agenda in my presence... i went undercover for a reason... 
they killed 10 cab drivers in dc area some of whom worked for the dc fbi by their hired azteca
they got a 25 year old to crash his car resulting in his death
vivian arroyos dad a prosecutors dad
they killed a prosecutor and his wife cause the fbi also control the aryians
state trooper by their hired azteca 
russell a friend of my brothers
mikes mom
every celeb that has died
kenyan mall attack they employed the white widow is some chick
el paso fbi agent maputo africa he bombed some building killing 1 and injuring 7
the new york china town bombing
james avery just recently
91 or 1993 wtc bombings
gas plant led by the marlboro man whom they told to smuggle cigs
boston marathon bombings
the torturing of me for 4 1/2 years non stop every second of every day only because i called in9/11
they killed my unkle judge sam paxson i begged and pleading for them not to
and 2 senators byrd and some other senator
scotland yard copter crash
they killed princess diana so they could frame me for it later on
they disappeared with eaton patz
they killed jfk with the same mind control method they used on eaton patz
fast and furious
they killed paul walker
nelson mandela
shit loads of other peoples heads of states
oklahoma city bombing
sandy hook
aurora colorado
navy yard
they killed my grandma
nate dogg
they even disappeared with natalie holloway
mezico city bombing that killed 100 and injured 1k
some random gas plant bombing cant remember which ones though
coal mine bombings
bp oil spill rig explosion in the gulf of mexico
they killed busche beer mans wife
they framed pistorius
they mind controlled jodi arias
aaron schwartz because he discovered the flame virus
they framed the shagras
and the coal mines that exploded and trapped peoples all over the world
and when that one soldier shot the other soldier up over at the three legged monkey in el paso resulting in his death
the fbi even go to old foggeys homes just to kill secretly
they have done so much more though
they are spreading ieds i told them to stop but they said they aren't going to stop spreading them.
they even asked me to kill around 32 people including the president and his family
they take out heads of states all over the world
kim jong un and they asked me to kill kim jon il
the fbi took down the navy seal chopper that took down osama and wanted prince phil to take the same route. anyways some brits found the fbi that tried to take down prince phil
and the new york chinna town bombing
they mind controlled the fuck out of jon gotti and bulgar just to take out fbi hits 
the canadian mobster boss that died in sicily
they even did the whole boston marathon trajedy
they even killed 18 elite firefighters
they are even spreading ieds, proton bombs, and pressure cookers.
the real fbi from houston even turned out and admitted they are the real jihad
they even embezzle money from other countries governments and economies only to support their corruption all over the world.
2 fort hood shootings
plane 370
they even created 2 more craigs list killers
and just recently santa barbara and rogers
terry my unkles lungs and terry the anchor woman.

the crooked houston fbi even admitted they trusted me enough to leak infront of me. 
there is more they have done they even admitted they are the most crooked of this world... they have foot holds all among the world and they launder... they even created isis to prolong the war...

and they kidnapped 200 algerian women school girls... 
pistorius becasue he has heats in the olympics against a fed that runs with him in his same heat... its was rigged man

they like to sometimes take out peoples in orders of 3... 3 seperate jews twice... the 3 construction workers in el paso... farrah, jackson and billy may... the 3 rabbis in isreal which were 2 americans and one european rabbi...

they created isis to prolongue the war...

a corrupt fed wanted me to give you the list and here it is, but thats not all they have done... can you get them to stop killing esp authoritative figures? i tried to uncorrupt them, having them disable bio chemical weapons in syria and such... everytime they say they are going to work on someone they die a month later, whenever they mention a name they die a week later....

they have also been killing cops, deputys, sherrifs... etc...

just recently they smuggled in 45k mexicans into the USA

they just killed the fort bliss va
plane wrecks
francis the air plane department of defense flyer
more celebs
charlie hebdo

indonesia air liners... just to kill more muslims and americans... obama even admitted it was the crooked fbi intel from houston in a news conference

god speed im a secret agent from houston named aimsdee