Author Topic: "i saved 11k lives on 9/11 50 fbi spies from wtc7 11 buildings from crashing..."  (Read 2370 times)

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Seems the crazy folk are out today...just so you know what we have to out up with 

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the fbi rape me every single day... multiple times a day... the crooked fbi intel from houston followed me from houston and have been stalking me every milisecond for the passed 31 years... they have spread their laundering and have been stealing from rothschildren to pay for crime all over the world. i got one in their main group my ex gf and she admitted she wants to take them down for the scotland yard copter crash that killed a rothschild... they tortured me for 4 1/2 years non stop every second of everyday with their voices (they laundered the ability to whisper into someones ear from afar from me) a priceless ability... they even laundered invisibility from me a price assett and ability... they are forever indebted to me... through their laundering is how they pay people off to do the corrupt shit and framing shit... i went undercover to bring them down for a reason... they tortured me because i called in 9/11 as myself... then later on as a rothschild... me a rothschild and balrog created a new wtc... i saved 11k lives on 9/11 50 fbi spies from wtc7 11 buildings from crashing into the ground the white house capitol building the staff of those two buildings big bush lil bush hagel and a school full of children from blowing up... my rothschild called me a hero... they asked me every week if they could do it again and i said no every time... thats 45k lives and 45 buildings over a so far 14 year period of time... the crooked fbi from houston intel are the most corrupt on earth... they inflict cancers diseases anything they want to peoples... and they frame through mind control...[/font]