Author Topic: "HAARP, chemtrials, infred, plasma weapons, rfid's, bio implants, neurophones.."  (Read 2507 times)

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Hi Weakileaks,
 How come no one really knows whats going on in this world? It needs to come out that it's the cover up for the last 70 years of Government sanctioned mind control and remote torture since project paper clip with DEW, electromagnetic, Tesla type weapons like HAARP, chemtrials, infred, plasma weapons, rfid's, bio implants, neurophones, ect. Jose Delgado's stemoceiver, V2k & V2s infer-sound and ultra sound LARD's people are being tortured through the walls of there own homes & every where they go. In the mid 70's Frank Church & the church Committee expose all the crimes of Mk-ultra and it's 172 subprojects & the FBI's cointelpro program. Did they stop or did they go behind the seen's and hit it harder that ever? This is what the cover-up is all about and needs to be on national T.V so the people of the world will understand whats really going on! Thanks, Keith