Author Topic: Emails sent to Stefania Maurizi #2  (Read 2008 times)

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Emails sent to Stefania Maurizi #2
« on: March 03, 2015, 11:45:08 AM »
Other email sent to Stefania following the previous one:

Emails sent to Stefania Maurizi #1

It explains what sort of reply I had had from Julian's mother, Christine Assange, when I had expressed my worries for his pro-Hezbollah tweets as @wikileaks.

After, that very same reply had also been sent as a reply to another forum staffer who had sent Christine another email; it really looked like she had simply copied and pasted that reply to whoever.
This reply has been already published by someon else, so I can add it here with all the emails I've sent Stefania to show her the insider situation:

[Italian original version]

Da: Enrica
 A: Stefania Maurizi

Questa è la risposta di Christine Assange che ho ricevuto quando ho cercato, mesi fa, di spiegarle perché il forum aveva apertamente criticato alcuni tweets di WL.

Nota* allora, in accordo con le regole del forum, non potevo postare commenti personali come isis (amministratrice, per non sembrare una persona di wl) così usavo un secondo account, TheHamster per i commenti personali, che sarebbe dovuto restare segreto... per non influenzare la gente... poi Cabledrummer ha mandato tutto a p** pubblicando i nostri dati personali ed ora posto solo come isis (TheHamster è usato dall'admin team come cavia per vedere se il forum funziona bene ora)


[English translation]

From Enrica
 To: Stefania Maurizi

 This is Christine Assange's answer  which I received when I tried, months ago, to explain why the forum had openly criticized some WL tweets.

 Note * at that time, in accordance with the forum's rules, I could not post personal comments as isis (administrator, not to look like a "WL person") so I was using a second account, TheHamster, for personal comments, which should have stayed secret ... not to influence people ... then Cabledrummer threw  everything to the *** [Italian colorful expression meaning cabledrummer had disastrously dismantled everything] by publishing our personal data, and now I post as isis only (TheHamster is now used by the forum admin team as a test account  to check  if the forum works well)

Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 04:47:16 -0500
Subject: Re: support
From: XXX Christine Assange's email adress redacted XXX
To: [email protected]

You may be sincere but are breathtakingly naive,immature & as such dangerous.....this is not some kind of leftie game..its a full on fight to the death with ruthless power.Julians is in extreme danger.Grow up,get real.....or go back to the coffee shop at the uni campus..& leave the war to the grown ups

On Sep 17, 2012 5:41 AM, "Enrica" <[email protected]> wrote:

We are trying to Defend the credibility of Wikileaks... of Julian!
I do support him, Z does too, a lot! He has spread himself for SJA and wl ...

If "WikiLeaks" tweets This:,14623.msg39668.html#new and Other stuff as "WikiLeaks", despite whatever good intention he can have, he will Hurt himself and the supporters too.
Supporting Julian doesn't mean hating the Swedish...

And WL is journalism so when tweeting there are links between certain situations (UK facts and arab facts) they should have the proofs of what they say, or they should say "may be...", or they loose their reputation.

There are other little facts I have doubts on but they aren't so important.
I'll be loyal to Julian and WL keeping my feet on the original wl principles of truth transparence objectivity.
I'll be supporting his right of freedom and a fair treatment until he has justice.
This said,I cannot betray the same values he has been building with WL if wl now has a bit lost coherence.
My appeal is they have to work on this side, on transprency.
Julian is watched by all the world - if his tweets are not understood (some of them are), this will hurt him! And this will hurt the whole wl.
I don't want this.

Big Support to U and ur son Christine!
I'm here how I can and also the others are here the same way.[