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Emails sent to Stefania Maurizi #4
« on: March 04, 2015, 12:55:40 PM »
... After explaining the delicate insider situation between @wikileaks and WLforum on and expressing my concerns on certain Assange's behaviours on twitter - Related previous emails:

 Emails sent to Stefania Maurizi #1
Emails sent to Stefania Maurizi #2

Emails sent to Stefania Maurizi #3

... a few days after (on 14 jan 2013), Stefania sent me a very cold reply, also telling me she could not confirm nor disconfirm the members whom , I, in my emails, identify as members of wikileaks as she doesn't identify those sources...

At that point, I had been given the ok by the -at that time- forum owner to send her a 4th one, including the email he had sent to WikiLeaks staffers Sarah Harrison and Kristinn Hrafnsson:

This email was sent the day before S.Maurizi tweeted this as a reaction to my emails:

(1/3)Smear campaign against #Assange and @wikileaks ENDLESS I was contacted by a guy sustaining Julian is somehow linked 2Muslim Brotherhood
(2/3) After #Assange sold broadcasting rights to @RT_com he was accused of being a Kremlin's puppet.
(3/3) After @wikileaks released #SyriaFiles Pravda accused #Assange of being a CIA experiment. What next? #Assange an alien?

This is what I wrote to her one day before that twitter reaction.

[I'm going to redact the jabber accounts and emails, though this information has been already published so they would be nothing new, for respect of the privacy]

Fwd: Defamation of the WIkiLeaks Forum by WikiLeaks
 [Italian original version]

Da: Enrica

A: Stefania Maurizi
Ok ho avuto l'ok per passarti queste info.
Non voglio chirderti di pubblicare nulla.
Solo di vedere quel che sta succedendo.
Voglio che tu sappia. Che tu veda cosa sta succedendo.
Solo questo.
Sono info confidenziali.
Che restino fra noi per ora.
Mi auguro che WL voglia ritirare il tweet diffamante contro il forum.
Grazie di nuovo per l'ascolto.


Inviato da iPhone

Inizio messaggio inoltrato:

[English translation]

From: Enrica
To: Stefania Maurizi

Ok I've got the ok to pass you this info.
 I don't want to ask you to publish anything.
 I just want you to see what is happening.
 I want you to know. That you see what is happening.
 Only this.
 These are confidential info.
Let them remain between us for now.
 I hope WL wants to withdraw the defamatory tweet against the forum.

 Thanks again for listening.


 Sent via iPhone

Start forwarded message:

[quote( author=(.*) link=(.*) date=[0-9]+)?]Da [From]: [email protected]
Data [Date]: 14 gennaio [january] 2013 12:45:30 CET
A [To]: XXX Sarah HarrisonXXX , Kristinn Hrafnsson <XXX email XXX >, D.
Oggetto [Object]: Defamation of the WIkiLeaks Forum by WikiLeaks

 Hello WikiLeaks team,
I have tried to settle this matter in a friendly, civilized manner but it seems I am getting no where
Last week, this tweet appeared -- >
Here the text just in case you cant click the link:

Without any proof, evidence or ANYTHING to back this claim, WIKILEAKS retweeted it. There were no questions asked and no one approached me to ask if this was true.
Of course the accusation is nothing but a dressed up smear to undermine the forum which is nothing else than a platform for members to have their say.
The strange this is that I am asking myself WHY. WHY smear the forum ?. 5 Weeks ago WikiLeaks was telling me to send ALL 15.000 e mail addresses from ALL Forum members. I do not know the reason I was being asked and I doubt I will ever find out why. I refused to do so and the reason I refused to do so was to protect my members and protect WikiLeaks. I can't imagine what would have happened had I have sent WikiLeaks this data.
After WikiLeaks retweeted the criminal accusations against my forum, I tried to contact Sarah Harrisson.
Here is a transcript of that chat:

12:45:15 PM) Attempting to start a private conversation with Sarah Harrison...
(12:45:53 PM)
Forum Founder: ping
(12:46:00 PM)
Forum Founder: ping
(1:41:32 PM)
Forum Founder: are u there ?
(3:28:56 PM) Unverified conversation with
Sarah Harrison/38997046991357828065917372 started.
(3:41:50 PM) Attempting to refresh the private conversation with
Sarah Harrison/38997046991357828065917372...
(3:41:53 PM) Successfully refreshed the unverified conversation with
Sarah Harrison/38997046991357828065917372.
(3:41:57 PM)
Forum Founder: ping
(3:42:15 PM)
Forum Founder: please its quite urgent
(3:52:14 PM)
Sarah Harrison: in meeting but can type
(3:52:36 PM)
Forum Founder: thanx...wont bother u too long
(3:53:23 PM)
Forum Founder: why is the WL twitter account attacking the forum and accusing us of infecting ppls PCs with " virus " ?
(3:53:44 PM)
Sarah Harrison: ihave no idea what the twitter acct is saying
(3:53:50 PM)
Sarah Harrison: havent looked at it
(3:54:41 PM)
Forum Founder:
(3:55:01 PM) Forum Founder: this text retweeted by Wikileaks twitter
(3:55:03 PM)
Forum Founder: "" WARNING: Pseudo #WikiLeaks site: Attempts to INFECT visitors with SPYWARE. DO NOT ENTER. #Assange #FreeBrad #Manning "
(3:57:09 PM)
Forum Founder: why ?
(3:57:48 PM)
Sarah Harrison: i have no idea
(3:58:22 PM)
Forum Founder: so why doesnt the person who tweeted that retract it
(3:58:25 PM)
Forum Founder: its outlandish
(3:59:59 PM)
Forum Founder: so no one at WL can explain this tweet or retract it ?. It isnt true and we have proved it
(4:01:09 PM)
Sarah Harrison: i am one person
(4:01:12 PM)
Sarah Harrison: and I am not with anyone else
(4:01:19 PM)
Sarah Harrison: so dont know. sorry
(4:02:47 PM)
Forum Founder: then please ask the person who is responsable for the tweets
(4:02:53 PM)
Sarah Harrison: i am not there
(4:02:55 PM)
Sarah Harrison: so I can not
(4:02:57 PM)
Forum Founder: ok
(4:02:59 PM)
Sarah Harrison: I have explained that
(4:03:04 PM)
Sarah Harrison: I am in a meeting completely elsewhere
(4:03:06 PM)
Forum Founder: who else can I ask if you cant help me
(4:03:17 PM)
Forum Founder: ok...I understand
(4:03:38 PM)
Forum Founder: please contact JA later and ask him
(4:03:39 PM)
Forum Founder: please
(4:03:45 PM)
Forum Founder: this is important
(4:04:15 PM)
Forum Founder: the forum would be guilty of a criminal offence if we are infecting ppls PCs with " viruses "
(4:04:31 PM)
Forum Founder: and this whole issue will be blown out of proportion
After receiving no further messages the chat was closed and I tried again 2 days later. Here is a transcript of that chat:

(6:05:32 PM) Attempting to start a private conversation with Sarah Harrison...
(6:05:44 PM) Unverified conversation with
Sarah Harrison/109905417113585249268138 started.
(6:05:52 PM)
Forum Founder: hi there...have question for you
(6:08:01 PM)
Sarah Harrison: k
(6:08:39 PM)
Forum Founder: thanx
(6:10:51 PM)
Forum Founder: wikileaks retweeting this tweet from " Strjana " is actually accusing me of a criminal offence. I find it quite frustrating that WL accuses me of this WITHOUT any evidence whatsoever yet asked me to send them the e mail addresses of 15.000 members ( as the members think the forum is wikileaks forum )
(6:11:08 PM)
Sarah Harrison: they dont accuse YOU of anything at all
(6:11:22 PM)
Sarah Harrison: its a common problem with the software the forum uses
(6:11:23 PM)
Forum Founder: retweeting this is a direct accusation
(6:11:36 PM)
Forum Founder: there was NO evidence of such malware
(6:11:43 PM)
Forum Founder: and there was NO malware and I have proved this
(6:11:56 PM)
Forum Founder: the person accusing me of this last logged onto the forum on 4 jan !
(6:12:02 PM)
Forum Founder: and accuses me on 10 jan
(6:12:27 PM)
Forum Founder: the forum is registered in my name, its hosted in my name and I will be made accountable for all actions
(6:12:56 PM)
Forum Founder: harboring viruses could infect peopeol s PCs with a BOTNET or KEYLOGGER scripts
(6:13:06 PM)
Forum Founder: this could have grave consequences for me
(6:13:33 PM)
Forum Founder: do you even know what forum software we use ?
(6:13:59 PM)
Forum Founder: WARNING: Pseudo #WikiLeaks site: Attempts to INFECT visitors with SPYWARE. DO NOT ENTER. #Assange #FreeBrad #Manning
(6:14:10 PM)
Forum Founder: and WikiLeaks tweets this
(6:14:30 PM)
Forum Founder: I would like to know why.....if Wikieaks stands behind transparency, please answer my quesiton
(6:14:36 PM)
Forum Founder: question **
(6:15:11 PM)
Forum Founder: no proof was ever put forward, why wasnt this retracted ??
(6:15:14 PM)
Forum Founder: any reason ?
(6:18:02 PM)
Forum Founder: she tweeted that on 10 jan
(6:18:09 PM)
Forum Founder: now look at this -- >
(6:18:19 PM) Forum Founder: why wait so long ?
(6:22:24 PM)
Forum Founder: Sarah......WikiLeaks is telling people NOT to use the forum...........why ??????
(6:31:53 PM)
Forum Founder: If you cant answer this, maybe the person who tweeted it can. I am considering launching criminal proceedings against Twitter to get that tweet removed as it isn't true
(6:32:13 PM)
Forum Founder: so I am asking you first as I take this matter very seriously
(6:32:37 PM)
Forum Founder: I will wait for an answer
So you can answers, no explanations........nothing
As you may or may not know, embedding viruses / malicious software is against the law in Germany ( where the forum is hosted ) and I could be persecuted for doing so.
I am asking you once more, WHY was this retweeted and WHY am I not receiving any answers to my questions.
WikiLeaks is supposed to be about transparency and being held accountale for actions so I am asking WikiLeaks to be accountable for accusing myself of a criminal offecne without any
evidence or proof.

I am already initiating criminal proceedings against the first person who made these claims. I am doing so because its the ONLY way of protecting myself.
Once again, I ask WikiLeaks to retract this tweet as it will harm me, the forum and its members.
Thank you