Author Topic: Guess who liked the acid tw by #SMaurizi referred to my emails? --> #hazelpress  (Read 1651 times)

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After I had written to Stefania Maurizi:

Emails sent to Stefania Maurizi #1
Emails sent to Stefania Maurizi #2
Emails sent to Stefania Maurizi #3
Emails sent to Stefania Maurizi #4

...and herself, the day after my last email, tweeted these "awesome" things without even considering the Evidence that @wikileaks via @StjarnaFranfall was/were defamating and trying to boycott the forum:

(1/3)Smear campaign against #Assange and @wikileaks ENDLESS I was contacted by a guy sustaining Julian is somehow linked 2Muslim Brotherhood
(2/3) After #Assange sold broadcasting rights to @RT_com he was accused of being a Kremlin's puppet.
(3/3) After @wikileaks released #SyriaFiles Pravda accused #Assange of being a CIA experiment. What next? #Assange an alien?

... Ok...

One more piece of information  now.

The account @StjarnaFranfall was then transformed in @marthagroup (using the same image):

Later on, that account was replaced by @hazelpress, which has the very same behaviour and tweets the very same topics as the previous 2 accounts, so it's incredibly easy to associate them 3...

Now, guess who liked the Stefania's acid tweets? @hazelpress, obviously! --> aka @StjarnaFranfall who deliberately lied to boycott this forum, supported (or lead by) @wikileaks:

... I honestly don't believe it's coincidence (3 "coincidences" actually).

Et VoilĂ ! These are people who should be working for press freedom, and journalism.