Author Topic: This might be the beginnings of a 9-11 disclosure event..  (Read 2432 times)

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This might be the beginnings of a 9-11 disclosure event..
« on: March 28, 2015, 12:54:02 PM »
I know you’re out but wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this, it’s huge..

This might be the beginnings of a 9-11 disclosure event.. anything can happen if
that occurs. Note the strategic mention of NSA’s ‘unparalleled coup’.

Although I suspect O’Bongo's big speech next Friday will be much like the big
Syria speech where he said they would attack but not really because Russia - an
incoherent mass of contradictions that even the mass media will have trouble

Should be interesting..

In other cyber news the Target hack keeps unfolding, now it’s 110 million cards
hacked, plus Neiman Marcus just now getting outed by Krebs.. that dude rocks..
while the Secret Service and FBI are barely getting around to ‘investigating’ he
already rooted out the Russian kid behind most of it and even scared him enough
to get offered a $10K (LOL) bribe. The guy does more effective cyber-sleuthing
than the entire CyberCommand and he’s basically working for Bitcoin tips.. amazing..

Have you noticed also the zero coverage on the Obamacare debacle? LOL, Memory
Hole is in full overdrive..
Regarding the EC2 stuff, I want to encourage you to at least get one of your
guys to sign up for a free EC2 account and start learning the system, you don’t
even need me.. have him learn how to setup a VPC, instantiate a micro-size
Debian box, create an RDS database, and install your forum software, and load it
with a subset of your data.. he can play around on there with non-produciton
loads for free. Then if you decide to pull the trigger he can transfer it to a
large instance and you’re ready to roll.

I know WL got kicked off of EC2 but 1) they’re not going to be able to do that
again, and 2) it’s not even going to use their payment system.. plus it’s still
the best cloud infrastructure around, you will be able to kick off instances on
several zones simultaneously so DDOS will be a thing of the past