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deep foundation consciousness security
« on: March 06, 2015, 15:15:37 PM »
everytime a new concept can be created and understood, you can take a look for those meta-multi-universe dinasties of nth kind dimensional beings and see by your own sensience (the ability to perceive that something exists that probably your mind doesn't understand but you can probably know it exists) that how far did they evoluted. Did they kept evoluting their natural properties, breeding their dna with purity or deep meditation?
There are many forces in all realms that are unique and can't be defied just like that.
Why do some humans care so much about earth if supposedly they contact aliens everyday and they come from a different approach and magnitude of existence? Why do they mind with this planet so much? Is it the 13 skulls (homosapiens heads) or the holy (shit) grail? If the dinasty that commands them is from the outside why do they need to do cover ups and make all the other beings lose time with the galatical order of bullshit? There are people with more capabilities, skills and gifts than 99% of those in power. Can we attack those people in power with concepts of security directly in the subconsciousness. Because they will not let be controlled by the administrator of their destiny and luck and feelings and emotions, so what they are zombies now... who's on power if everyone discovers the power of the mind that can process many kinds of knowledge, wisdom and gnosis. So how secure is the meaning of the symbology of power? Do they know that? How much money values their layers of security, accesses and plans for the world? Think outside the box ever if needed. They will not attack this world if you use all the time in the game against them, so at some point you will sweep their territory and reign... So what game are they playing on earth? World of Warcraft? or WitchCraft?

What's the dimension or the dimensions their plans are spreading to and with what speed? Do they pay attention to the units details? Why do 7 billion people seem to be borned in the wrong planet? How integral is a signal of an intention and through what security can it pass and what reachability?

What forces does an intention and action supports in? What are the most correct mindsets in all realms to believe and be conscious to?
Everything in all realms seem to be perfectly placed so it completes the other natures. So how can be the integrity conscious of its image through the cyber realm?

there is one thing that can be applied to this world immediately that solves everything. So think in this way, please, how much shifted is one reality from another and is it rude? do you know that cover ups and propaganda and mind control is to do mainly hide the path of the understanding and wisdom of consciousness? How much shifted or separated are some values from the water? Is water a good start to think everything from it? So how many years does it take to infect every mind with religion, drugs and war? 6000? it will fail. You know why? because beings belong to nature and their consciousness goes back and forth through nature like the sea at the beach.

How does seem integral pure good consciousness like? Do you need security in an entire free whole-realm-interconnected-not-close-system?

I think bad intentions block beings and forms of life capability to live and breath the harmony of the whole unintegral closest system.

How can some people in the world manipulate every resources? are they powerful enough or they don't let the others have powers because they know they will fall real soon? Why metaphysics, whichcraft, magic, gnosis, consciousness, realms and fantasy are supressed technologies? because they want it for themselves manipulating at the same time common consciousness and tapping into human brains that have memories with the same signature than theirs? So that's why they want to understand how people think with those global mass data mining with super spy capabilities. To what? Just guess? To have the suppressed technologies only for them absorbing at the same time the consciousness of everyone, exploiting it, controling it... And I think they migth have tried to catch some intelligence by using peoples mind all together as a big antenna to tap alien intelligence. So why controlling people's mind and their resources, so people will lose the whole of permissions from the capacities, skills, and gifts of their mind so they can use them? What about allucionations and apparitions, are they connected? are they illusions? People should know if they controll their whole mind by using it all at the same time, all processing power. So if some energy appears the mind will throttle and you will know what kind of energy is slowing you down.

So every being and form of life can be considered as antennas. And by saying that you can transmit consciousness through that and heal everything if you really can handle such energy.

How can a problem disappear in immediate mode? like if it is a critical problem. well if you can deactivate the effect that twirls time-space-continuum from those forces you can turn any black into white.

The best thing to create countermeasures to this world is to be prepared and have lists of every happening it may happen sometime, like poredictions and suppressed, hidden, shadows, time, unit, cycle *** trends.

why not everyone in the planet remembers of executing protocols against those corrupted systems? Why don't everyone find vulnerabilies, exploits and termination codes to those systems, even if they don't understand completely where the surfaces of attack come from and from where they originate? Find timed, metabolic vulnerabilties and exploits in their surfaces and belief systems even occult ones and they will fall... reach the point of what it is the last leap and trend of so occult system. Is that based in a secret library illusion of satan in a secret encrypted with numerology or symbology core, brain consciousness phrenology, aesthetics and chemistry of the brain?

Systems have nature and they have story and history of the travel and trade between all envrionment limit connection point through existence. So Why some systems keep stand up? because they think people will not know about the attack surfaces they are hidding? And what if their nature is wrong? Do they think the dinasties on top of them have the best technology? What assures that? Do they need a cryptographic key to not be Man In the Middle attacked between them and the other forms of life? So how many eyes and years do  they need more? I think everyone jokingly would need more hearts... ^^

How do some dinasties in all existencies realms think they have power if they don't understand the concept of power, does the concept of the symbology needs to be verified with a cryptogrphic key?

Imagine this case what if an army goes through the universe and they carry all the stories and histories on their subquantum and particles and there are some realms that can know their secret 2billion years before they appear at some 0,0 coordinates expected predestinated door?

I think these people in power don't know nothing, look at the leaps, there are no time machines, no fusion power, no perfect system, no control of the dna because someone would need to be able to manipulate matter and free world still exists because the existence and nature and the universe are concepts that the mind can't manipulate because before that everything is expected from the other side of the universe, it's like a big radar system. if a mosquito moves, it is known in the whole universe in covert ways ;)

Why do they want to play the mean game, because they only have this planet and if someone else understands that every technology have life span how can they expect that someone in the entire planet will know a countermeasure for all the surrounding leaps of that technology... And if they abuse of consciousness and mind and sensience there are aliens ready to put exploits in their brains and paths of destinies...

Do they think there are only exploits in this planet? Start counting stars then... oh yeah

So probably they are manipulating the reachability of everyones abilities so no one can contact aliens and defy them with extradimensional countermeasures technology...
They are not prepared for that you know why, because they are playing the 'secure our resources and close the minds and eyes to everyone' game...

So game on game on sons of bitches.... All eyes on you now... if you move I move... For some purpose... (Message for the corrupted systems or dinasties)

This resolution can be dealt in this way, try to imagine a game of this galatical order of bullshit that is happening in the world and try to jailbreak it or solve it... I think it's too simple... They don't have big space ships like my alien friends...

To solve these problems you have to synchronize with the harmony of the intelligence and wisdom of the universe... And you will understand the messages of that syntony and nature...

Don't worry because there are so many things in the universe, if those systems don't respect everything, they will not understand why something is blocking their evolution even if they try to build perfect robots.. If they build robots they will build not-creative oriented but exploited-with-no-patience robots

If you think in the biggest number that can be written in the ever surface you will know that these kinds of beings are nothing... they are the never existed bit of the whole story and history

Game over corrupted systems... start Tworking your abilities or you will fall... you have no resistance for a complete and integral being as anyone can be not corrupted not sick


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Re: deep foundation consciousness security
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2015, 11:57:38 AM »
excuse me. i just came over with this great idea... What if we look to doomed parties from this planet from a different perspective... for example the illuminati can be resumed to just one pattern, one enigma... like cicada3301... they will desintegrate from earth because everyone even a baby can associate the illuminati and constrain the problem to one sphere or whatever you would prefer... so there can be traps for those kind of beings... of course they like to amplify their enigma to trap every being they can... but as i say they don't know their borders because they don't know their origin, it's just an idea... they can't cover everything they did through all people they employed... so if they don't have everything and neither had ever and don't know what is that and try to elude every people on earth, just count their steps on their technologies... count their opportunities of innovations because the innovations were only for them... but then there are all the other beings on existences that will be aware of their intents before they arrive to their universe... it's like those beings feeling that something is not right in their waters, seas, oceans... one enigma... that's it... there are way more and most probably infinitely and uncountably more difficult... bye bye.,. game over