Author Topic: Wikileaks Media server. Talkback radio. Information videos and more.  (Read 3129 times)

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I am working on a wikileaks p2p server and posted here at the suggestion of those nice peeps in the shout.

Here is my setup

If this looks a little much to do you can download and listen to the good quality digital streaming from a  sound driver media stream and compared to a real radio station the sound is superior.

To listen to me just download any of the players here @

Find click on the station listing button and click on Radio residue.

Anyone interested in doing some talkback radio via personal messenger please PM message me.

If anyone has any questions go ahead and ask or join the Streamer p2p forums. 

I am not affiliated to Streamer p2p in any way.  I am just a big fan of the software..

I am working on a professional Wikileak radio skin, some image suggestions would be nice. This is just an Idea.   I can help any of those who wants to join in on the fun.

Everything is free.  There are no catches or responsibilites other than wanting to run a good radio station.

Thanks for reading.