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English Translation of Stern Article Re: @Wikileaks Abuse of Critics


Mark G. is an unobtrusive appearance. A quiet occurring mid-fifties, the accent betrays its British origins, and from first discussions it is clear that he distrusts everything and everyone. The state, his critics and especially the media. "Hey," he jokes, "just because you're paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you." From his backpack he pulls a laptop, a USB stick, printouts of screen shots, which he spread on the table. The background documentary story of a confrontation with the whistleblower website Wikileaks and a group of supporters around the world. A debate that, yes, threatens to destroy his existence Mark Gs reputation. The methods range from Doxxing, so publishing private information such as photos and home addresses on the Internet, to smooth slander. Why the hatred against a single man, this is a story about Wikileaks & Co. and it says more about Wikileaks than it does its target.

Once Upon a Time There Was a Hero

It's been a little over four years since Mark G. watched a TV documentary about Julian Assange. The network rebel, followed by the US, possibly the victim of a dirty campaign from Sweden, pulling him with spectacular leaks and the Image of the fearless whistle blower with dark state secrets and spells. "There was a man who defied the powerful of the world - I wanted to help," said Mark G. end of 2010 reminds Wikileaks was a cult, Julian Assange was considered a hero for a new generation of critical citizens. At the pub was discussed suddenly safe browsing through "open government" and what do secret behind closed doors with the user data of innocent citizens. It was as if it awakened a whole society from its slumber of restraint and conventionality,

Julian Assange ran as David against Goliath 2.0 of this world, against corrupt governments, corporations evil, nasty banks. His weapons: many years of experience as a hacker, a website and a promise to potential whistleblowers: If you send us your anonymous leaks, we bring the information to the public. The concept was not new, but Julian Assange was the right person at the right time to carry the concerns of hacktivists, such as call themselves hackers with political and social ideals into the mainstream.

Like so many others, Mark G. was enthusiastic. For over 20 years; London-born he had been living in Germany, had always been interested in "just things," he says. Animal welfare. Volunteers of all kinds. His main job was responsible severely handicapped in various dormitories. One as he slips usually through the mesh of public attention, too small, too little glamour. G. is one of those who support the other going to write history, but do not occur even in the history books. Wikileaks organization fighting for her role

2015  Wikileaks became quiet. The organization is fighting for her role in the international news circus. Several lawsuits, among other things, damaged from loss of donations that would be lost by not legally covered donations blockade big credit card companies against Wikileaks, cost time and money. The problems of the founder Julian Assange with the judiciary and the unresolved status of its platform - Does Wikileaks as a medium or not? - Ensure that whistle-blowers search again increasingly "conservative" Partners for their leaks. Edward Snowden about, probably the most important whistle-blower's recent history, repeatedly stressed that he appreciates Wikileaks. However, its NSA data he confided to others - the journalists and activists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras documentary.

Julian Assange is positioned now more and more as a commentator of the digital world events and increasingly irritated with questionable views. Several times protested against Wikileaks about international trials, the propaganda of the terrorist organization Islamic State, briefly IS to prevent the net. Freedom for all, to say anything, or something like that. However, if there is criticism of Wikileaks itself, the thing looks different, as Mark G. had to learn the hard way.

In 2010, the British-born was an ardent defender of Wikileaks founder, launched a Web Initiative, Assange founder had just been remanded in custody because of allegations of sexual offenses against two Swedish women in London, the excitement in size. "I thought at the time that the allegations were unfounded," says Mark G. in retrospect. "Today I see it differently."

End of January 2011 ST contacted him, a close confidant at this time of Julian Assange, who was later provide a scandal when he became the FBI spies against Wikileaks. "In this time the idea was born to start their own discussion forum for Wikileaks-related issues," said Mark G. remembers "In February, I also received administrative rights to the official Facebook Page of Wikileaks. In March 2011, then started the Wikileaks Forum. " Wikileaks applied the forum that quickly had over 15,000 members, but told from the beginning that it was "a run by Wikileaks supporters page" Wikileaks itself assume no responsibility for any content therein.

Everything went well until Wikileaks published the so-called Syria files. "The source of this data was unclear," says Mark G. "Everything pointed out that it was not a question of a whistleblower leaks, but stolen data. Furthermore forum was also discussed in the Wikileaks. And of course there were also critical voices. "Then he posted on the Facebook page for more information on Syria, "so that users could get a better picture of the thing." But that did not like Wikileaks revealed. Mark G. pulls prints out of chat logs. "Here, for example," he points to the location, "they ask of me that I take this info from the side that has nothing to do with WikiLeaks Had it but. There were additional information to classify the leaks can. I did not understand the fuss. "

Clandestine Photos of Marc G.

Shortly thereafter, Mark G. sitting at a sidewalk café in Frankfurt. "Suddenly in front of us a car stopped, a type unknown to me, photographed me, then drove the car." Alarmed G. asked by Wikileaks, whether you knew there, what's the point. The chat log, which presents G., shows the conversation between him and Sarah Harrison, the closest collaborator of Julian Assange Wikileaks. It shows that Harrison plays down the importance of the incident, G. possibly not believe it. Mark G. says he has a witness to this encounter. "I realize that the James Bond default sounds. But I have no reason to invent such a thing. I also still no idea who sent the guy."

Soon there will be new trouble: Mark G. is sacked as administrator of the Wikileaks Facebook page. "All my work, time and sacrifices I had made WikiLeaks.? - Why wiped This has not explained to me until today." Finally, a Wikileaks employee logs show with Mark G .: The chat logs that Julian Assange wanted the e-mail addresses of the 15,000 members of the Wikileaks Forum. "I explained to him that I can not do that because the disclosure of such information in Germany is prohibited," says Mark G. "Moreover, I found the requirement strange. People need to at least ask first whether to share their data may. " Mark G. offers several options to inform the user that Wikileaks would like to contact. The Wikileaks staff rejects everything from, he just wants the addresses. G. durchdokumentiert all shows pages and pages of logs, Print and screenshots.

A little later start the calumnies: The WikiLeaks Forum spreading malicious software, so called malware, because it claims suddenly Wikileaks via Twitter. Mark G. immediately denied. Then it says that Wikileaks Forum is "fake", Wikileaks is not supported. G. counters with a documentation of the events that says otherwise. The sound on both sides will be sharp. "Of course we have allowed criticism of Julian Assange," said G. "But to be honest - the principle of freedom of expression was done for unpopular opinions Either it is valid for all or for none.."

Wikileaks and the  FBI Accusations

Sometime Wikileaks, Mark G. began to slander a man with FBI connections. Wikileaks has two and a half million followers, the word "FBI" The service in this environment Beißreflexe. The network began a veritable hunt. "I did not know what happens to me," says Mark G., "and had me out in some battles in tone. But I was alone against an army of fanatics." 2013 it ranged Mark G. - he handed the Wikileaks Forum to new owners and withdrew. "After what happened to me, like the new operator to remain anonymous," he explains. "And I like to start continue the digital hail of bullets from so that these people can do their work."

Mark G. feels fair game. "The WikiLeaks Forum was founded by an FBI informant," Wikileaks sounded several times, which can be described as somewhat sly: Finally, it was Assange's own confidant ST, later FBI informant, whom he had at the time appointed, with Mark G. to get in touch and to design the Wikileaks Forum. "So I have as many or as few connections to the FBI as Assange," G. dryly. "But the WikiLeaks fans are incited by - the read only" FBI "and react like the dog pawlovsche This is abuse of power brought to you by Assange & Co.".

And effect: The fans spread a photo of Mark G., which was enlarged from a group picture out. "I do not know who did this," he says, "and I do not agree with the spread. I am a private person and have right to ban the publication." Just Edward Snowden have explained how various American organizations can deal with private photos of internet users. "These people applaud Snowden and then retweet giggling my picture."

G. It's not just about being right, but for his safety. Once someone had posted a photo of him with his dogs, he says. "Then someone threw a box of rat poison over the fence." Twice he has already moved to the address that is currently circulating on the Internet, he no longer lives. His photo is still divided on the net, with the addition of "FBI". One of the most important voices of the net with over 300,000 followers collective Anonymous has released Mark Gs photo via Twitter and called for it "to pave everywhere." "I expect now to be attacked on the street," says G. The concern is not unfounded: Gs hunters have lost all sense of proportion and finish. From the account of Assange fans threats were sent: "We will destroy you", and messages that can be construed as rape threat "What are your children say if you are in prison?". And recently been distributed, G. abused disabled. Wikileaks itself fuelled the mood by the trial of Mark G., to prevent the spread of his photos, comments and was rated so many the impression that it was an attack on Wikileaks itself.

As once in Sweden
It is not the first time that Wikileaks such hunting in the network triggers: Sofia also W. and Anna A., the two women who are mentioned in the Swedish case against Assange as witnesses, were by Wikileaks cryptic messages ("We were warned about dirty tricks. Now we have the first ") threatened. Wikileaks- and Assange supporters slandered as "CIA spies", their real names and photos were circulated on the Internet, along with enjoyable speculation about their sex life and possible motives, Assange also to blame why always. As Anna entrance was photographed and posted online, they eventually fled the country, Sofia W. dove under their incipient career as a video artist was over.

In the agitators always at the forefront LB, an unconditional Assange supporters of Berlin - the same LB, who is now in charge in the hunt for Mark G., and there is public support of Wikileaks in its war against G.. He has now done what already Sofia W. and Anna A. has helped: He took a lawyer and let each report, the injured or threatened him his right to privacy. Against L. B. run several ads. Wikileaks was asked to remove Gs photo, just let this requirement in dramatic Twitter messages as an attack on the whole group look and called for donations.

Showdown in Frankfurt
Who is watching over a longer period of time what is happening in the social networks around Wikileaks, soon discovers that proponents and opponents face each other not only unforgiving, but also nothing to owe insults, provocations and sexual innuendos are on the agenda. Also, the Wikileaks Forum is under new management with mixed vigorously and posted in the ongoing problems insinuations and real name. A publicly called in this way Wikileaks supporter from the UK, her sign a neighbor of Julian Assange from his time in Ellingham Hall, as he stood with a Fußmonitor at a supporters under house arrest, has filed a complaint Posts from Twitter account of Wikileaks Forum Ad - but falsely against Mark G. And, as he explains, has no more task when Wikileaks Forum. The fact that the fans are networked together and come to agreements, but G. has collected some clues.

He will need it soon. For April 30 is now scheduled a trial in Frankfurt due to the display. The network is already called for Wikileaks supporters may appear there. Gs lawyer has therefore asked the court for his client security requirements. "With me the wrong person is on trial," said G. "I have no control over what the Forum published. I have not written these things. But I'm just the only one whose name is known among these people." The fact that he has become a lightning rod for the Wikileaks forum so that he could live. "Everything that happens to me here is the best proof that the current owners of this forum would do well to remain anonymous."

Cui bono - who benefits from it?

Gs lawyer is surprised that effort is made here against an individual. "What sense does it make to pursue such a stubborn for WikiLeaks and its supporters someone?" He asks. It is a question posed conspiracy theorists like that but it fits here: Cui bono? Who benefits? Here one can only speculate. The fact is: The Wikileaks Forum is suitable for Wikileaks to compete. "During my time as the owner of the forum," said Mark G. recalls, "spoke up a potential whistleblowers from the industry who would rather go through the forum to the public than about Wikileaks itself. At the time I assured any information, he wants to see released to provide any personal or monetary interest online. Can Wikileaks so make a promise? At that time we decided to leave it because we could not guarantee one hundred percent for the safety of the whistleblower. Has Wikileaks always so responsibly behave? "

If the organization now suddenly have a problem with the fact that there is one of them independent discussion forum after they themselves had there been advertised and announced in May 2011, "then they like their many lawyers on and take legal tread," says G. "So why not let a court determine whether one can call themselves But as Wikileaks behaves, I must say.? Assange is a Bully - how you say it in German" The English term care of "class terrorist" or work colleagues who bully others, representatives of Wikileaks-, Anonymous- and Occupy scene denote the USA like a "bully".

What Mark G. was most disappointed: "It is sad to see such an important movement loses credibility because some of its protagonists in the moment when they themselves have a certain power, turn into those they started to fight are. Just imagine what would happen if these people were real power. You have to keep in mind sometimes. So I think my story is relevant, even though I'm not a celebrity. "

The star Wikileaks asked twice for an opinion. We received no answer. On Twitter, the organization has, however, called for renewed donations - for the struggle of the upright against the bullies in the world.