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Wikileaks Are Really Scraping the Barrel
« on: May 23, 2015, 15:33:35 PM »
Wikileaks Are Really Scraping the Barrel

Posted: 22nd May 2015 by th3j35t3r in General, Wikileaks, WikiSneaks
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“Those who don’t know the value of loyalty, can never appreciate the cost of betrayal.” – Unknown Author

Recap. For those unfamiliar with my previous writings regarding ‘Wikileaks’ you can catch the heck up right here, here, and here, in that order. I really am trying to stop going on about Wikileaks and Assange, but the bloviating self-righteous shitbird just keeps on pulling stunts to endanger our personnel and, as of right now civilians too, and I’m not even joking. Sidenote: Fig 1.0 Assanges OKCupid Pic >>

So what’s happened now?
Well, two weeks a go a ‘project’ popped up calling itself the ‘Transparency Toolkit’ (Website). The project (so far) created an unimpressive script to crawl Linkedin profiles looking for keywords such as ‘intelligence’, ‘military’, UAV’ drone’ etc on US citizens profiles. Once it found one or more of these pre-defined keywords it would pull everything about that Linkedin user (including resume, photo, name, location etc) into a database. They then released this database on Github in JSON format so that it could be mined and manipulated by anyone. So what, I hear you say, they just collected already public information on a particular demographic (if you are a member of Linkedin that is) and dumped it in raw data format. Here’s the three gimps behind it:

Fig 1.1 – The Three Gimpigos

Anything strike you about these dudes? Well aside from not being connected to anything even remotely real-world sensitive, like BRADLEY Manning and Edward Snowden, they do fit the same personal ‘profile’ of the two. Slightly effeminate narcissistic, impressionable, ‘information wants to be free’, cheeto stained hipsters. And I’m not the only one to notice this fact. Assange and his Wikileaks dirtbags loved it so much they created a Wikileaks subdomain (

On this new Wikileaks domain (ICWatch stands for ‘Intelligence Community Watch’), a user is able to search all 139,361 US citizen resumes that these three scraped from Linkedin. Bear in mind, to get the information they scraped requires you to be a Linkedin member with a verified account.

Why does this matter?

I’ll tell you why. For those of us that know anything at all, Wikileaks is a major resource for those that would do the US and it’s citizens harm, not least the latest big threat ISIS, in fact here’s former CIA Chief Morrell stating Ex-CIA Snowden Actions ‘Played Role in Rise of ISIS‘ only last week, and I myself have been giving examples for years, here’s one.

Context is key
Now by it’s very nature, and historical acts, Wikileaks is renowned for publishing ‘classified’ documents, but this time it has deviated wildly from whatever the fuck it’s original messed up ‘mission’ was. They have published a giant list of already publicly available information, but published it in the context of a ‘leak’. I think they are running out of ‘sources’ and plants in places they shouldn’t be.

Then comes headlines like this from Germany: “Wikileaks veröffentlicht 7000 Namen | Drohnen-Profis geraten ins Visier von ISIS und Al-Qaida” which translated means “: @wikileaks fully identifies 7000 UAV personnel and makes them terror targets” – because tat’s not gonna attract the bad guys at all right?

And… here’s the kicker America
Many many thousands of these so called ‘US Government / Intelligence Community / Military’ resumes are in fact belonging to citizens who have no affiliation with the above in any capacity whatsoever. For example, there’s people with an interest in radio-controlled planes and commercially available ‘drones’ you can buy off-the-shelf listed in there. Or there’s this girl, from Detroit, a Human Resources professional with nothing to do with anything, yet she’s also listed in this giant ‘hit-list‘ available for free to any homegrown self-radicalized jihadi in her local area (Think Dearborn, that’s pretty fucking local to her).

Not long ago Assange posted this to the internet:

…from his hidey hole in the Ecuadorian Embassy (who are not exactly known for their Press Freedoms)

So what happened Jools? Your little note there says ‘Transparency for the state! Privacy for the rest of us!’ – But you just dumped a database of thousands of people who have done nothing yet they find themselves on your new website. For what? What happened to all the ‘noble’ ideas and plans you had, bitch? You see, now you are reduced to painting a big target on the backs of regular private citizens because you are all out of pancake mix and desperate to stay relevant.

Well guess what Assange? As many of my followers are aware already, I’ve been working on my own sub domain, It’s called WikiSneaks. Think of it as a ‘Wikileaks *for* Wikileaks’, check out the landing page, you’re gonna love it.

Oh and BTW Wikileaks, your new site has a little XSS vulnerability in it here, and here’s a screenshot for your convienience. You should get that looked at.

‘Happy’ Memorial Day Weekend.
ICYMI: Assange Wooing the ladies in some shithole nightclub, you can tell by the way he use his walk he’s a ladies man, no time to talk… (or even ask permission) ….